Women’s race organizer apologizes after food processor prize sparks sexism accusation

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Organizers of a running race in Madrid, Spain have been accused of sexism.

(CNN) — The organizers of a women’s running race in Spain have apologized after being accused of sexism for giving the winner a food processor as a prize.

and Statement posted on TwitterCarrera de la Mujer said one of the sponsors of the Madrid race presented a food processor as a prize, saying it was “in line with our concept of promoting healthy values ​​in women’s sport and nutrition habits. .

“Promoting healthy nutrition and exercise is absolutely essential for Carrera de la Mujere,” the statement added. “With this product, both men and women can prepare raw foods faster and easier.

“From a biased perspective, I understand that it can be controversial. If so, and I’m sorry if any women were offended, I would like to express my apologies for my sexist character. We believe it’s a product that doesn’t last, perfect for athletes looking to improve their nutritional habits.

“In any event, we accept criticism. We repeat our apologies if anyone is offended and promise to take steps to avoid this controversy in the future.”

The apology came after Spain’s Secretary of State for Equality and Anti-Gender Violence, Angela Rodriguez Pam. criticized the award on Twitter.

“At the Carrera de la Mujer, the winner was given a thermomix and the rest were given 0%. [fat] product,” wrote Rodriguez Pam.

“If you win, you’ll be a full-time housewife. If you don’t win, at least you’ll lose weight.”

According to a statement by the race organizers, the Carrera de la Mujer has hosted 19 races across Spain so far in 2023, and for several years it has committed no sexual, political, religious or addictive behavior such as alcohol, tobacco or gambling. I’ve been excluding brands associated with something. Associate with an event.

With 32,000 women participating in Sunday’s race, organizers said the event has fought breast cancer for 19 years and promoted healthy living and sport for women.

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