Woman’s body found in walk-in freezer at fast food restaurant

A body was found in a McDonald’s walk-in freezer in New Iberia, Louisiana (Photo: Google)

A woman’s body was found in a walk-in freezer at Arby’s.

The victim was an Arby’s employee on E Admiral Doyle Drive in New Iberia, Louisiana, KADN reported Friday.

Inspector Leland Lasseter of the New Iberian Police Department said, “It was a staff member who found the woman’s body in the cooler.”

“The deceased was an employee of the restaurant.”

The victim was an employee of Arby’s Restaurant (Photo: SOPA image)

Her death is believed to be suspicious, but investigators do not expect foul play to be involved.

“Nothing has been decided yet,” Lasseter said.

“Since such situations are rare, we are taking extra precautions during the investigation.

“(We’re) almost done with the crime scene procedure. After fully processing the crime scene… this doesn’t look like a murder, it looks like an accident.”

Investigators interviewed several Arby’s employees.

No suspect has been named.

An autopsy was performed to determine the woman’s identity and cause of death.

“We’re going to review all the evidence tomorrow,” Lasseter said. “Therefore, we have to take a few more steps before making a decision.”

This isn’t the first crime scene involving a walk-in cooler at a fast food restaurant.

In 2019, a McDonald’s manager allegedly raped a 14-year-old girl inside a walk-in refrigerator at a fast food restaurant in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Manager Andrew Albertorio has been accused of flirting with a teenage girl who entered McDonald’s and then communicating via Snapchat. He allegedly attacked her at her fast food restaurant, her car and her home four other times.

Another fatality occurred in December, when the body of a man was found in a freezer at a South Philadelphia home. Police found a bloody knife next to the body and the man’s son was taken into custody.

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