Woman says server had to pay for food she sent back

TikToker’s Adele Brown (@adelelaresee) sparked a viral discussion after posting about her less-than-satisfying experience at the Storming Crab restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In her clip, Adele claims that a party of about 23 guests booked a table well in advance but received “terrible service”. I decided to leave halfway through, so I could only have one drink.

Adele also added that a server told them she was on the hook to pay for an item her group decided to send back to the kitchen. I guessed that the party must have given the restaurant workers a hard time.

TikToker says in the clip:

They ruined all the food. The bartender left early for work. You can’t get any more drinks,” Adele continues.

She then shows off a table where a large group can be seen sitting and eating in the restaurant. I repeat.

The clip then quickly moves to her allegations, alleging that the server told the group they had to cover the cost of some items the group had returned to the kitchen.

“So she has to pull money off the check to pay for tonight’s meal,” says Adele. Someone else at the party calls out, “It’s only $20 for her,” and Adele continues to explain, “She has to pay for it because the food doesn’t taste good.”

@adelelaresee If the bartender left early and the server said we had to pay for our food….. 🤯🤯🤯 #stormingcrablasvegas #henderson #lasvegas #badcustomerservice #badservers #baddinner #badseafood #horrible #poorcustomerservice #fypsiMore゚viral #mustwatch #wow #smh ♬ original sound – Adelelasee

Adele’s post sparked mixed reactions from TikTokers. Many people seemed to think there was something “fishy” about Adele’s allegations. and someone else wrote, “They know you don’t tip.”

Multiple viewers noted that one of the diners had a drink in his hand while members of Adele’s party complained that they couldn’t get their drink.

“Because she has a drink…” wrote one user.

“Don’t drink while you have a drink. FYI, the bartender is finally going home,” said the second.

“What if the bartender is sick or has an emergency?” Another question.

Some said they were shocked to hear that the server allowed them to pay for the food Adele and her group sent back. The cook should pay for your meal,” said one.

Another TikTok user asked Adele directly, “Is it okay for the server to pay for the food you ordered?” You pay for what you didn’t eat due to the error…. I don’t “

Adele posted several follow-up clips in response to some commenters who assumed she and her group were disrespectful to the waiters. She highlighted one statement of hers in particular, stating that it was her one of many comments rooted in “stereotypes” of black customers left by arrogant viewers.

@adelelaresee to @idontcarewhatyouthink35 #stormingcrab #mustwatch #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #trending #responsevideo #racialsterotypes #adelelaresee #wow #poc ♬ Original sound – Adelelaresee

She said her party “waited patiently” for “the situation to be rectified” and was not being rude to the restaurant staff. He added that he had come to their table to address and apologize.

Addressing a commentator’s observation that some of the diners in her group were having drinks, Adele said, “We had one round of drinks,” and she and her group stayed for about three hours. “The bartender was only there for about 45 minutes.”

Adele also disagreed that the server had to pay for the items returned by the group and tried to speak to the manager on her behalf.

“She kind of shrugged and informed us that the owner didn’t want to pay and she would just take care of it,” she says.

The Daily Dot reached out to Storming Crab via their website and Adele via comments on TikTok for more information.

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*First published: March 16, 2023 at 5:55 PM CDT

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