Woman blows up over boyfriend’s cat treatment – ‘I’m going to break up with you’

A woman has drawn the ire of animal lovers online for treating her boyfriend’s cat.

Her actions caused considerable outrage among cat fans on Reddit as well as she was kicked out of his apartment. However, one therapist Newsweek My boyfriend’s reaction is much louder than his cat.

Showing empathy and compassion to animals doesn’t make you a better person. But recent genetic research suggests that people who don’t like pets share a specific version of the gene that produces the hormone oxytocin.

A stock image of an arguing couple and a stock image of a cat looking sad (top left inset). The woman’s relationship deteriorated after she ignored her boyfriend’s wishes and let his cat out.PeopleImages/Okssi68/Getty

Oxytocin, often called the love hormone, has been shown to increase social bonds between people. SRUC) researchers.

As part of the experiment, these volunteers were asked to complete a questionnaire designed to measure empathy for animals. Researchers have found that those who are most compassionate towards animals have specific versions of the oxytocin gene.

The study also found that women tended to respond more positively to animals, but the woman behind this latest viral Reddit thread seems to be an exception.

meow meow unleashed

According to a now-deleted post shared by the handle u/bfcatdrama, her partner lives with her cat, Libby. “She was two years old and she was outside all the time,” she explained, “but after another cat attacked her, she badly injured her leg and left her scratched.” He’s stopped doing it because he’s been inflicted.

Libby is supposed to “meow at the door to let her out”, but her owner thinks she’s better off inside for her own safety. Other neighbors report that their cats have been attacked.

That was fine until the other night when his girlfriend decided to open the door for her against these instructions. “She seemed really persistent, so I let her go,” the poster wrote.

Her boyfriend “wasn’t wise” at first, but soon found the house unusually quiet and began looking for her. “So I let her go,” she wrote. I asked

“It’s not the cat’s fault”

In the ensuing argument, her boyfriend called her “rude, insensitive and horrible”. I felt it was something.

“He says he doesn’t trust me near his house or his cat,” she wrote. I haven’t heard from my friend.

Jamie Schenk DeWitt, licensed marriage and couples therapist, said: Newsweek The women involved had to realize that “it’s not about cats.”

“As a therapist who works a lot with couples on relationship dynamics, one thing I always say is never take out the dirty dishes in the sink, the trash can, the missed calls, or the cat. He said, “It’s about how the case feels for each person.”

DeWitt explains: His emotions, limitations, and insecurities about the welfare of his pet. Whether or not she thinks he’s overprotective, he has very specific feelings about caring for his cat.

respect his boundaries

DeWitt said women should try to “sympathize with their boyfriend’s concerns and try their best to understand why he’s angry.”

“That way, her boyfriend will feel heard and understood and watched,” DeWitt added. You can try to explain why you did what you did without being heard.

“Ultimately, apologizing and showing him that she understands that you hurt him will go a long way,” DeWitt said. , his lack of understanding, listening and respect for boundaries is what’s going on between them, not the cat.”

but. DeWitt presented a clear blueprint for reconciliation, but there was little forgiveness among those who commented on social media.

One Reddit user wrote:

Meanwhile, another post said, ‘Cats that go outside have a shorter lifespan and are at risk of being attacked by other animals, run over by cars, and contracting diseases and ticks.’

Elsewhere, another furious Reddit user wrote:

“Thoughts on what they would be like as parents”

DeWitt preached peace, but the boyfriend may view the woman’s handling of his cat as more concerned in the broader context of the relationship between the two.

“Some partners may view another partner’s treatment of pets as a reflection of how they are as parents. It reflects their level of commitment, attention, and ability to care for another living being.” ,” said DeWitt. explained. “If your partner is negligent and deprives your own pet or your partner’s pet of their basic needs, it can definitely set red flags for how they will be as parents.”

Newsweek I reached out to u/bfcatdrama via Reddit for comment. Details of the incident could not be confirmed.

Have you noticed any red flags to end the relationship? Let us know at life@newsweek.com. You can ask an expert for advice. your story Newsweek.

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