Will the former general manager of the Buffalo Sabers have another chance?

Rumor has it that former Buffalo Sabers general manager Jason Botterill may be interviewing for the vacant general manager post.

The NHL’s 2022-23 season ended with 28 of the league’s 32 teams, but the “good times” of the year are just getting started. Rumor season, and from now until free agency in July, there will be a lot of different perspectives across the NHL, and the Buffalo Sabers are no exception.

As for the Blue & Gold, rumors of Conor Herebike are swirling, along with speculation that general manager Kevin Adams will trade the top-four defenseman. To be honest, I believe the latter rumor more than the former. This is what I outlined in the “If I Was the GM of the Sabers” article.

But there are also rumors circulating about former Sabers general manager Jason Botterill, who may be returning as yet another NHL front office leader. Which team is the problem? Pittsburgh Penguins.

Will ex-Buffalo Sabers GM Jason Botterill get a second chance?

Many fans of the Buffalo Sabers will warn against pursuing a team like the Penguins if they want to turn things around next season. Pittsburgh has arguably been the NHL’s exemplary franchise over the last 15 seasons, perhaps even better than the Tampa Bay Lightning, winning the Stanley Cup twice during that period and three more this century. ing.

But the aging of the “Big Three” of Sidney Crosby, Evgeny Malkin and Chris Letang, along with a slump in 2022-23, has all but closed the Penguins’ current window of success. And Mr. Botterill has had an uneven track record, at best.

Botterill has drafted Casey Mittelstadt, Rasmus Darling, Dylan Cozens, Matthias Samuelsson and Ukkopekka Luckonen, as well as traded Tage Thompson and Jeff Skinner, who are on the Sabers’ current roster. definitely made some good moves, but missed more than hit. . He’s also responsible for pulling off what might be the worst head coaching hire in NHL history.

Botterill has made it clear that he has ties to the Penguins but is not qualified to be in charge. He lives 30 minutes from Steel City and I meet and interact with Penguins fans every day. So my words to them are: “If a team finally decides to use Jason Botterill, keep an eye out for him.”

He wrecked the Buffalo Sabers, but it took Kevin Adams three full seasons just to get this team back in playoff contention. Seriously, if you don’t want someone to put your team back at least five years, go with someone other than Botterill.

sauce: Inside the NHL: Jason Botellir’s return seems an option as Penguins continue to consider new GM By Mike Harrington, BuffaloNews.com

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