Why UChicago, UR Medicine and OhioHealth + Baptist Health were recognized as top brands

Healthcare system marketing leader praised for trust and people-centered approach speaks out beckers They make sure their words match their actions and tell the story from the perspective of patients and staff.

“We always put people first, our employees and our patients,” said Christine Kotler, chief marketing and communications officer at Baptist Health, based in Coral Gables, South Florida. rice field. “We understand that each person and situation is unique, and as marketing and communications professionals we recognize our responsibility to tell their stories in the most accurate and thoughtful way possible. I have.”

Baptist Health South Florida was ranked #6 on marketing agency Monigle’s May 16 list of the Most Human Health System Brands. Monigle surveyed more than 25,000 U.S. home health care decision makers from November-December 2022 on how they perceive industry brands. The University of Rochester (NY) Medical Center placed him fifth in their rankings.

“What has helped humanize our brand over the years is a campaign told through the eyes of patients and their families,” a UR Medicine spokesperson emailed. beckers. “We found that consumers trust and trust more stories they hear from real people who have experienced our quality care. Being able to tell a meaningful story aroused sympathy from those involved.”

At Columbus-based OhioHealth, which ranks No. 7 on Monigle’s 30 Most Trusted Healthcare Brands, trust is part of the company’s vision statement, said senior vice president, Health Systems Division. Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Sue Jablonski said. All through a lifelong trust-earning experience. ”

“It’s a well-known fact that matching words and actions builds trust,” she says. “We keep our promises when it comes to caring for our community.”

OhioHealth, for example, has grown into a 14-hospital system with more than 30,000 employees in 50 Ohio counties, yet remains committed to keeping care “local” by building trust with its staff. she said. “They are the best brand ambassadors, after all,” she said.

And despite the challenges of the pandemic, OhioHealth did not lay off any employees, she said. This healthcare system also ranked her second in the most humanized healthcare system brand survey.

“We value and reward people because we know and truly believe that OhioHealth is not the brick-and-mortar stores you see across the region,” Jablonski said. “OhioHealth is people who put their patients first every day and stand by them when they need us most.”

Ranked 10th most trusted brand in the survey, the University of Chicago School of Medicine has a history of “service, research and innovation” dating back to 1927 and has partnered with 12 Nobel laureates in medicine or physiology. pointed out.

“Our team is also focused on improving access to care and reducing health disparities in the communities we serve,” said Tom Jackiewicz, president of the University of Chicago Health System. Stated. “At the same time, we are working to expand our reach across the region and bring our care closer to neighborhoods in need.”

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