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New Yorkers who are not eligible or cannot afford health insurance under federal guidelines have access to a healthcare program that guarantees low-cost and free healthcare services offered by NYC Health + Hospitals.

NYC Care is designed to make healthcare affordable, but please note that this program is not an insurance plan. While not an insurance plan, under NYC Care, members have health insurance that has “membership cards, regular doctors, quality customer service, access to affordable medicines, and more.” You can have a similar experience as an individual. program website.

NYC Care offers:

  • Membership card to access healthcare at NYC Health + Hospitals patient care facilities across the city
  • Allow members to choose their primary care provider
  • Members have access to preventative care including immunizations, routine check-ups and mammograms
  • Allows members to access mental health support and substance abuse services
  • Members can make their first appointment within 2 weeks
  • Customer service representatives who speak your language and can help you day or night
  • Access to low-cost prescription drugs
  • Support from the primary care team, including nurses, medical assistants, social workers, pharmacists and nutritionists
  • Affordable, quality health care where the cost of receiving health care is based on family size and income.

To be eligible for NYC Care, you must reside in one of the five boroughs of New York City. Additionally, you must not be eligible for any other health insurance plan available in your state and must not be able to obtain health insurance under federal guidelines.

Note: If you are not eligible for NYC Care or any other health insurance plan, you may still be eligible for services under the NYC Health + Hospitals Options program.

Additionally, it is important to note that NYC Health + Hospitals, which operates NYC Care, keeps personal information private and does not keep records regarding immigration status, so anyone can seek health care without fear. .

There are no initiation fees, monthly dues, or insurance premiums for this program. Members pay for services received based on discounted rates determined by family size and income.

If you are approved as a NYC Care member, in that email you will receive your unique Membership Card showing the charges for your medical services.

Members must carry this card along with their health insurance card. When you visit your primary care physician and when you receive health care services at NYC Health + Hospitals locations.

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