West Toledo’s Medical Cannabis Dispensary to Grand Opening on Friday

TOLEDO, Ohio — Lucas County will open five medical cannabis facilities within Greater Toledo after Wild Sky Pharmacy celebrated its grand opening Friday in West Toledo.

Located on the site of the former Jez restaurant near the intersection of Doll Street and North Barn Road, the new store will be the first of five properties in the area to feature drive-thru windows.

David Quire, owner of Nan Stop Kebap food truck serving customers in the parking lot of nightclub The Golden Road, is unfazed by the move of a pharmacy next door. said.

“I was kind of anticipating their opening,” said Quire. “I feel like this little area is going to be a good thing, especially for a bar, and I think the crowd will overlap a little bit.”

Car traffic on Doll Street can be loud and congested, but inside Wild Sky is calm and quiet. Facility representative Taeya Sherman said the business is in a soft opening and already has several customers.

“We definitely feel we’re making a difference here,” Sherman said.

And when the big day comes on Friday, she said, she’ll be ready for business.

“We have flowers and buds that people are familiar with,” Sherman said. We have ointments, oils, topicals, edibles, candies, gummies and more. Various tinctures are used sublingually, and regular e-cigarettes are familiar to most people. “

Wild Sky security guard CJ Cobb said protesters should stop by and see the facility. He said the medical cannabis business means more than many people think.

“It’s not as simple as loosening up your joints and thinking, ‘Oh, I feel better,'” says Cobb. “If you search and find what you need, it has medicinal properties.”

Both Sherman and Cobb worked in correctional facilities in their previous careers. Sherman said he got into the cannabis dispensary business after doing a lot of research and discovering how many physical ailments could be controlled with medical cannabis. Cobb said he had negative preconceived notions about marijuana years ago, but after doing research, he tried it himself.

“I have fibromyalgia, neuropathy, a disease that causes muscle loss and is eating away at my muscles. I am in constant pain,” Cobb said.

He is not cured, but the pain is no longer debilitating. He said it’s important to do your research and find the product that’s right for you because everyone is different.

Sherman said those who need medical cannabis simply need an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card to purchase the product.

“We’re like pharmacies, but we’re not traditional pharmacies—alternative medicine,” Sherman said.

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