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It’s that time of year again for faculty, staff, learners and families to showcase their incredible artistry and creativity at the Michigan Medicine Virtual Art Fair hosted by Headlines and Gifts of Art.

And this year’s submission certainly didn’t disappoint.

More than 30 colleagues submitted amazing work, ranging from drawings to watercolors to woodwork and more. Many of the pieces were certainly unique, such as a baker expressing himself with intricately designed cakes, a lab specialist specializing in calligraphy, and Cole’s center rep producing stained glass works.

For some artists, their work was simply an offshoot of a lifelong hobby.For others, they came to find art relaxing and fulfilling later in life.

For example, Gabriella Rundall, a patient services associate at Briarwood Family Medicine, started painting pots for her wedding, and it turned into her passion from there.

And Jamie Singek of the Department of Medical Student Education started taking nature photos during the pandemic.

“It’s really been a great outlet for health and coping with stress,” Schingeck said.

Hopefully this year’s fair will be your outlet too! Take your time and peruse all the works of art. Simply click on the categories below to see some of the amazing work submitted by faculty and staff at the University of Michigan School of Medicine.

Later this year, Gifts of Art will host its annual Employee Art Exhibition. From September 5th to December 5th, the Gifts of Art Gallery, Taubman Health Center, South Lobby Floor 1 will showcase the work of his members of the team. 1. The works are also available online. Stay tuned for headlines for more information on how to submit your work to that exhibition!

And missed the deadline for this year’s virtual art fair? Send your art to headlines@med.umich.edu. Staff @ Michigan Medicine Virtual Art Fair Facebook Post!

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