VPR’s Scheana Shay’s Plastic Surgery Quotes ~Golden Wonderful~!See her before and after photos

If there was a reality star who was honest about every aspect of his life, it would be Vanderpump rules Star Shayna Shay. Over the last 10 seasons of her drama-filled Bravo show, she’s not only shown a less glamorous side of her life, but she’s also been open about her changes in appearance, including having plastic surgery. Admit it.

The California native revealed that she was “constantly” getting Botox before the 2013 premiere. Vanderpump rules During an interview with former co-stars in December 2016 Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor.

“I can’t stand having my forehead wrinkles on camera. It drives me crazy. I’ve had botox since before season one,” Sheana said. people At the time, she realized she was getting Botox injections every three months. “So people are like, ‘Oh my God, she got a lot of work done.'” I’ve literally had this since I was 25. Consistently, I don’t like my face moving, so only when I smile. “

The “Good as Gold” singer has admitted to having Botox and fillers on another occasion, but she’s still been inundated with criticism that she’s been under the knife. Shayna said she was accused of having “jaw implants, nose and chest surgeries” when she appeared on the host’s podcast “Off the Vine” in 2019. expressed her dissatisfaction. Kaitlyn Bristow.

“I’m getting filler and I’m acknowledging it. I’m going to insta-live it when it’s done. So why am I acknowledging certain things and not the rest?” Shea’s host said:

Sheana may have been a regular at the Los Angeles-based cosmetics office, but after becoming pregnant with her husband’s daughter, Summer Moon, in 2020, she took a break from the beauty-enhancing hotspot. brock davis. However, the original beautiful features become more prominent as the enhancement wears off. VPR Fans speculate that she may have had plastic surgery.

“Sheana, we get tons of tweets like this,” Bravo guru Andy Cohen said on the October 2021 show. Watch what happens live! “Did Sheena have a job? Something about her looks different.”

The TV personality replied, “No Botox for me!” That’s the difference! Her face is moving,” she said, adding that the fillers were also paused. “I breastfeed full time. This is natural! I promise.”

Since then, Sheana has gone to the beauty store again for lip fillers and shared the experience on her Instagram account.

Keep scrolling to see Sheana Shay’s plastic surgery transformation over the years!

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