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After seeing a commercial for the Christian Children’s Fund in 1998, 16-year-old Britney James decided she wanted to sponsor a Kenyan boy named Newton. She worked hard for her three years and paid a scholarship each month with dreams of one day visiting Newton, Kenya. But in 2001, Britney was tragically found dead in her off-campus college apartment in Asheville, North Carolina.

In honor of his daughter, Steve James decided to travel from his hometown of Cullman, Alabama to find Newton in Kenya. He managed to see the child and learned from his family how much Britney’s support has made a difference. A nurse anesthesiologist, James vowed to use his talents to bring a legacy of hope to a poor community. The organization he founded, Kenya Relief, now operates orphanages, schools and clinics in southwestern Kenya. About 25 medical missions a year his team visits the clinic and has performed over 6,000 low-cost surgeries since 2006.

“This really shows that one girl and her passion to help others can make such an amazing difference in this world,” said Kenya Relief’s Board of Directors. Elizabeth Studley, vice president and medical mission team leader, said.

Kenya Relief is raising funds for a 67-bed maternal and child health clinic. Maternal mortality in the United States is about 20 per 100,000 live births, while Kenya’s mortality rate rises to about 360 and 700 in rural areas.

Studley, who has taken or accompanied Kenya Relief on 24 trips, said the organization has had local health workers visit remote areas to inform residents about what medical services are being provided. Told. Patients travel up to 16 hours from other countries, including Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania, to see highly-trained volunteer doctors, she said. She praised Cam and Sammy’s efforts to treat as many patients as possible during her short stay.

“They went all out for their patients. The amount and stress levels they put on the team members are amazing,” she said. “Dr. Kam and Dr. Sammy have a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Their impact as a couple and as doctors is immeasurable.”

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