Val Kilmer has undergone all sorts of treatments after a cancer diagnosis permanently damaged his vocal cords.

Top Gun and Willow star Val Kilmer’s cancer diagnosis and treatment has long been the subject of speculation among his fans and critics. Through a series of interviews and the release of a memoir and documentary, Kilmer finally opened up about his own battle with cancer, revealing that his cancer treatments ultimately caused permanent damage to his voice. bottom.

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Kilmer’s voice was lost, but he was able to regain it with the help of Sonantic, a UK-based voice cloning company. The company used his previous voice recordings to create a voice that closely resembled his original voice. Thank you to the children who played an important role on his road to recovery.

When was Val Kilmer diagnosed with cancer?

Kilmer was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, but kept her condition private during her treatment. Despite his speculation, he has repeatedly denied his claims that he has cancer.

He shared the following post on Facebook in January 2015. But I have never had a tumor or surgery or anything like that for a tumor. I had complications, but the best way to get care was to stay under UCLA ICU supervision. My friends, who understood my spiritual beliefs and made extra efforts to ensure that gossip and nonsense were kept to a minimum, were very responsive and helpful. As they say, I hope they will return to the Board of Directors as soon as possible. God bless you all, don’t worry. Love and deep affection, Val.”

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Kilmer also said Michael Douglas suggested he had cancer after he made comments about Kilmer’s health during a Q&A in London in October 2016. disputed the claim.

Douglas, who survived stage 4 oral cancer in 2013, spoke with host Jonathan Ross about his experience filming Ghost and the Darkness with Kilmer. “The photos didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, but we had a great time. Val was a great guy to deal with exactly what I was having, but things weren’t that great for him.” doesn’t seem very good.”

Did Val Kilmer actually confirm his cancer diagnosis?

Kilmer finally admitted to his cancer diagnosis in 2017. When asked about Michael Douglas’ remarks at an AMA on Reddit in April 2017, Kilmer said, “Maybe the press asks where I’ve been lately, so they tried to help me, and I did.” ‘ said. It cures cancer. However, my tongue is still swollen after it heals. Because people still think I’m not feeling well, even though I’m not my normal self. “

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in December 2017, he opened up about his two-year battle with throat cancer and tracheal surgery that left him with a hoarse voice and shortness of breath.

In a 2020 interview with The New York Times, Kilmer also revealed that he initially rejected conventional treatments, relying on his Christian scientific beliefs to cure cancer. He believed that if his faith was strong enough, the tumor would heal. The constant pleading of children who do not share his faith led him to eventually change his mind.

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“I just didn’t want to experience their fear. It was serious,” he said. “I would have had to leave here and I just didn’t want to be without them.”

When asked why he claimed it wasn’t cancer, Kilmer said: Wait, are you broken? It was that kind of feeling. If you broke it in high school, would you say no? “

What kind of treatment did Val Kilmer receive for cancer?

Kilmer underwent extensive chemotherapy, radiation, and tracheostomy treatment for throat cancer. He had to endure painful chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but it was a tracheostomy that ultimately damaged his voice.

A tracheostomy tube allowed a healthy flow of oxygen, but affected her vocal cords and her ability to speak. The treatment also left the actor dependent on the use of a feeding tube, which was often covered with a scarf.

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“You can’t talk if you don’t cover your throat. You have to choose between breathing and eating,” Kilmer explained. In an April 2020 Good Morning America interview, Kilmer described his own journey through these treatments that had a lasting effect on his vocal abilities and permanently altered his ability to speak. spoke frankly.

Is Val Kilmer’s cancer cured?

Kilmer is cured of her cancer and is in remission, but the treatment left her vocal cords permanently damaged. He opened up about his experience in his 2021 memoir, I’m Your Huckleberry, saying, “I have been cured of cancer for over four years and have never had a recurrence. I am so grateful.” Kilmer’s doctors credit his treatment with success, but Kilmer attributes his recovery to faith and prayer. “I prayed. That was my cure.”

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Kilmer also said in the 2021 documentary Val, produced by children Mercedes Kilmer and Jack Kilmer, that she “has a much worse voice than she feels.” Kilmer’s memoir and documentary shared deep insights into his personal life and struggles. cancer.

Despite cancer treatments affecting his voice, Kilmer doesn’t let it interfere with his progress and continues to practice his voice every day. The Top Gun star explained in the documentary, “I want to tell my story more than ever now that speaking is more difficult.”

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In an interview with Good Morning America, he revealed that what he missed most about his voice was, “I had a voice!” and “I didn’t laugh like a pirate.” In a Twitter post, Kilmer also revealed that she began painting, saying, “But when something is taken away, another is given. In a thin voice, my creative juices boil and I I started to create again, to paint, to write whatever I could.I felt that art healed me…”

Kilmer’s voice has been permanently damaged by cancer treatments, but it’s refreshing to see him using technology to restore it while entertaining fans.

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