USAID Suspends Food Aid to Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) said on Wednesday it was temporarily suspending food aid to Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

USAID Director Samantha Power, describing the move as a “tough decision”, said recently that food aid intended for people in areas suffering from famine-like conditions would be diverted and sold in local markets. I discovered that

Authorities referred the matter to the Inspector General’s Office, initiated an investigation, and decided to suspend food aid after dispatching Humanitarian Aid leaders to Ethiopia, she said.

The U.S. government has expressed concern to officials from the Ethiopian federal government and the Tigray Transitional Regional Administration, Power said, and officials have expressed a willingness to work with the U.S. to identify and hold those responsible.

She said USAID is “ready” to restart the program once strong oversight measures are put in place, and she said she was confident aid would reach the vulnerable people it was intended for.

A two-year war that broke out in November 2020 between the federal government and forces led by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which controls the region, has killed tens of thousands and left hundreds in famine-like conditions. I’m in a good state. Thousands, millions of refugees.

The government and Tigre forces agreed to end hostilities in November, allowing additional aid to reach the region and restore some services.

Power said the moratorium dealt a fresh blow to already-suffering civilians and reiterated US commitments to the people of Ethiopia.

“Food aid to the Tigray region has been suspended, but other critical aid unrelated to the diversion plan will continue, including life-saving nutritional supplements, safe drinking water, agricultural activities and It includes supporting development,” she said.

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