US Army Major General from South Carolina Visits CU-ICAR Campus for Updates on VIPR-GS Center

Major General Edmund “Miles” Brown, Commander of the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) and a native of Honia Pass, South Carolina, he visited Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) during the spring semester to learn more about the university’s capabilities. and abilities. A high-profile partnership between Clemson and his DEVCOM Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC).

Announced in 2020 and expanded in 2022, Clemson and DEVCOM GVSC partnership to develop innovative digital engineering tools for next-generation on/off rapid exploration and design of autonomous capable ground vehicles The Virtual Prototyping of Systems (VIPR-GS) Center was created. -Road vehicle. These tools are intended to support his GVSC’s ambitious goal of rapid modernization of the U.S. Army fleet.

Colonel Sandy Edge—A Clemson College alumnus, senior business lecturer, and U.S. Air Force veteran, he has a strong background in the city of Clemson and its strong military history, including its establishment as a military school for cadets seeking the very best in academics. The visit started with an overview of To date he has over 10,000 Clemson alumni serving in the military, and Clemson is home to 10 of his student military organizations.

Brown then went on to explore several world-class facilities on campus, including the Advanced Powertrain Lab at CU-ICAR, the Autonomous Vehicle Test Cell, and the AVX Mobility Systems Innovation Lab, home to Clemson University’s flagship Deep Orange program. I toured the facility. The afternoon featured ongoing research by faculty and student researchers across digital engineering, advanced propulsion, human factors, smart energy, and autonomous driving.

As the leader of the Army’s organic research and development capabilities and the largest group of scientists and engineers, Brown is acutely aware of the expertise required for innovation.

“Deep Orange’s partnership with the Army and Clemson demonstrates the power of shared innovation,” Brown said. “This program provides students with a crash course on how to apply engineering disciplines to Army modernization while working alongside DEVCOM experts.

“They are taking the Army’s requirements and building an advanced vehicle prototype within two years, which is really great. Whether they come to work in our laboratories as scientists, these students are the next generation of innovators and the professionals our Army and our country need now and in the future. .”

Major General Edmund “Miles” Brown

The visit was led by the Founding Director of the Faculty of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering and the VIPR-GS Director. Zoran Philippi; CU-ICAR Executive Director David Clayton; and US Army Chief Scientist at GVSC David Gorsich. It was attended by Research Associate Deans of the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Computing and Applied Sciences. Daniel L. Noneaker. BMW donation chair Chris Paredis. Associate Professor Greg Mocco; Professor Jonelle Brooks. Associate Professor Ben Lawler. and Michelin Donation Chair Venkat Crovi Above all.

The visit comes after a series of high-profile announcements at CU-ICAR this year alone, including:
· Launched Korea’s first Bachelor of Science program in automotive engineering
・Established the Faculty of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
A research and development milestone for the university’s $58 million VIPR-GS center
Clemson-built sustainable vehicle prototype unveiled at the world’s largest technology conference

More on Clemson’s military history:
In 1916, the ROTC was established in Clemson under the Defense Act, and in 1917 all members of the upper ranks were enlisted in World War I. To date, he has over 10,000 Clemson alumni serving in the military and over 490 dead. To secure the freedom of others. Clemson is now home to 10 student military organizations.

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