Upstate Medical College awards 520 degrees at start

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Upstate Medical University awarded 520 medical, master’s, doctoral, and honors degrees on Sunday.

Students gathered at the SRC Arena and Events Center to attend the graduation ceremony.

Among those graduating on Sunday was Zakaria Mohamed, a Somali refugee who attends Syracuse’s Nottingham High School and graduated from Le Moyne University in 2016 with dreams of becoming a doctor. On Sunday, his dream became a reality when he received his MD/MPH (Medical Degree and Master of Public Health) from Upstate Medical College.

In addition to Mohammed, 508 other students earned their degrees on Sunday.

  • The College of Graduate Studies awarded 31 doctoral degrees, including 13 biochemistry and 3 master’s degrees.
  • The College of Health Professions awarded 167 degrees — 58 Bachelor of Science, 6 Bachelor of Professional Studies, 66 Master of Science and 37 Ph.D. . University programs include behavioral analytical research, clinical perfusion, medical imaging, medical technology, medical biotechnology, respiratory care, physical therapy, physician assistants, and radiation therapy.
  • The College of Nursing has awarded 122 degrees and certificates — 10 Doctor of Nursing, 89 Master of Science, 18 Bachelor of Science and 5 Master of Science degrees).
  • The School of Medicine has awarded 189 degrees, including 164 MDs, 11 Masters of Public Health degrees, and 3 public health certificates.
  • Five students earned both MD and PhD. Those students are Kyle Alpha from Jordan. Alan Blaney from Ottawa, Ontario. Liam Coyne of Buffalo. Ronald Miller of Liverpool. Laura Szczeniak of Whitesboro.
  • Six other students earned MD/MPH degrees.

Upstate Medical College also awarded an honorary degree to medical scientist Patrick O. Brown, Ph.D. Dr. HIV and other retroviruses contributed to the definition of the mechanisms by which genes integrate into the genome of the cells they infect. He contributed to the invention of his DNA microarray. He also founded Impossible Foods because of his focus on replacing animal farming with plant-based foods. Brown delivered his opening address at the commencement ceremony on Sunday.

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