UC Davis School of Medicine Graduates 108 New Doctors


The University of California, Davis School of Medicine hosted its 52nd anniversary celebration.nd A graduation ceremony was held Saturday at the Robert and Marguerite Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts in Davis.

“Over the past four years, I have proven myself competent in my chosen specialty, overcoming challenges and transforming lives in an ever-evolving medical environment,” says the medical school. Interim Dean Susan Mullin told the 108 seated alumni. on stage. “Take pride in the positive impact you make on patients, colleagues, communities and those who seek to follow in your footsteps.”

A medical degree was also awarded to the family of student Joshua Crane, who died last summer.

2023 Alumni Co-Chairs Samuya Fike and Ian Joseph (Photo: Luke Meadows)

The Class of 2023 persevered through an unexpected experience that changed medical education. Graduates are now well-prepared to become leaders and change-makers in the healthcare industry.

“Your class faced additional challenges during medical school: a devastating global pandemic, a national event that shines a bright light on racism and inequality within our society and an extraordinarily divided nation. to confuse the public,” Murrin added. “But your inspiring courage, resilience, and passion have led to your success in medical school despite these challenges.”

Keynote speaker Hendry Tong, Deputy Prime Minister for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, shares stories from her medical school and residency days and explains the critical responsibility of caring for your own patients Did.

The keynote speaker was Hendry Tong, Deputy Prime Minister for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. (Photo: Luke Meadows)

“You’re smart, strong, and well-prepared, so I know you can learn, grow, and meet the challenges of being a doctor,” Tong said. “But most importantly, your growth is driven by the trust patients place in you as a doctor.”

The new doctors will begin training in 14 states this summer. More than half are in primary care, well above the national average for US graduates, and the majority (82%) will remain in California.

Notable Members of the 2023 Graduates

One of the student speakers is Rebecca George, who will begin a three-year residency in family medicine at the University of California, Davis Medical Center in July. She reflected on each alumni’s personal journey to being able to wear a robe on stage and the support they’ve received from each other to this day.

“The camaraderie and compassion that comes from working on this together cannot be overstated,” George said. “We always trusted each other in ways we couldn’t believe ourselves, watched each other and learned what each other was capable of. The friendships we’ve built over the last four years will last a lifetime.”

The commencement ceremony also included a moving tribute, when Associate Dean of Students Sharad Jain awarded the posthumous Doctor of Medicine degree on behalf of Joshua Crane to the bereaved family of Joshua Crane. Crane, a senior in college and a U.S. Navy veteran, died last July while rescuing two rafters on the American River.

“Josh was a hero, not only in the way he died, but more importantly, in the way he lived,” Jayne said. “He was kind, generous, and fully committed to his ministry.”

The Crane family was also awarded the Golden Goblet Award. This award is given annually to the graduate who has demonstrated the most and consistently the joy and dedication to serve others as the opinion of the class.

After the presentation, the deans put a ceremonial hood on each MD winner and participated in the recitation of the doctor’s vows. Reflecting the rich diversity of the school, the affidavits were read in English as well as 19 other native languages ​​of the students and their families.

You can see the details of the entrance ceremony here.

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