U.S. general says Ukraine should not use U.S. weapons in Russia

WASHINGTON, May 25 (Reuters) – The United States has long warned Ukraine not to use U.S.-provided military equipment in attacks on Russian territory after Russia accused pro-Ukrainian militias of using the United States. has asked, the U.S. military commander-in-chief said Thursday. armored vehicle.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Mark Milley, said his office was investigating social media images of vehicles and military equipment that militiamen invaded across the border in Russia’s Belgorod region on Monday.

“Whether it was equipment supplied from the United States, what was the nature of the attack, who did what to whom, I saw the same video, but at this point I am telling you with clear accuracy I can’t tell,” Millie said. Press conference at the Department of Defense.

“I can’t say definitively at this point, but I can say that I asked the Ukrainians not to use the US-supplied equipment in a direct attack on Russia.”

Footage of some of the destroyed vehicles released by the Russian Defense Ministry showed US-made military equipment, including a Humvee military truck. Reuters was able to confirm the location and surrounding details of the damaged vehicle in the video, but could not confirm the date the video was taken.

The Ukrainian government has denied involvement in the Belgorod attack, but two anti-Kremlin militias made up of Russian citizens, including far-right figures, have claimed.

Ukraine has said in the past that it would not use the long-range weapons promised by the United States to attack Russian territory and would only target Russian forces within occupied Ukrainian territory.

Milley said the restrictions on US aid to Ukraine after the February 2022 Russian invasion were aimed at ensuring Kiev’s self-defense against Russian forces inside Ukraine.

“Why? Because we don’t want it. This is a war in Ukraine. It’s not a war between the United States and Russia. It’s not a war between NATO and Russia,” Milie said.

Questions have been raised over Ukraine’s use of U.S.-provided weapons after President Joe Biden backed training Ukrainian pilots to fly U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets. He warned them not to do such things.

“It’s no secret that more and more equipment is being delivered to the Ukrainian army,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Wednesday when asked about the militia’s use of US-made hardware. .

Biden said he had received “unequivocal assurances” from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that he would not use Western-supplied F-16 fighter jets to intrude on Russian territory.

Reporting by Idrees Ali, Phil Stewart, and Doina Chiacu.Editing: Diane Kraft and Grant McCool

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