Two missing boys are found dead in New York City.Coroner says one person accidentally drowned

New York City police continued to investigate the deaths of two boys who were last seen walking together in Harlem on Sunday but were found dead in a waterway on the other side of Manhattan.

So far, no wrongdoing has been suggested, but aspects of the case are confusing.

Garrett Warren, 13, was reported missing on the afternoon of May 15, while Alpha Barry, 11, was reported missing in the early hours of the previous day.

Warren’s body was found May 18 in the Harlem River, fairly close to the area where the boys were last seen on Harlem surveillance cameras, while Barry’s body was found Saturday on 102nd Street and Riverside across the Hudson River island.・It was discovered near the drive. the official said.

Alpha Berry (left) and Garrett Warren. WNBCMore

According to NBC New York, eyewitnesses said the two friends were spotted on the night of May 12 inside a fish market they frequented at 145th Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem.

An employee at Anna’s Fish Market told the station that he saw the boys buying some items in the store that night. He said they were regulars at the store.

Police also said the two were captured on security video around 6 p.m. May 12 at 145 and Lenox, the location police last reported.

A New York City Police Department official said at a May 16 press conference that security video shows one of the boys exiting the residence before the two are seen again at an intersection. .

Police said detectives wanted to speak to members of a large crowd in the area they passed through as they walked around 145 and Lenox that night.

Detectives last week drew up a long wish list of potential witnesses and sources. NYPD Deputy Chief Brian Gill said at a news conference, “I have to tell everyone I was with.”

“We want to talk to their classmates,” he said.

The boys did not attend the same school, officials said.

On Sunday, the city’s chief medical examiner’s office said Warren’s cause of death was drowning. The cause of death was determined to be an accident.

In a statement, the firm said Barry’s cause and behavior were pending. His body was examined on Sunday.

According to NBC New York, the families said the boys were friends in the neighborhood, but they weren’t acquaintances of each other.

Members of both families helped search for them last week, handing out leaflets in the hope that they would be found alive.

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