Two felons arrested for stealing IDs, bank/medical documents, etc. inside Chico home

Two felons were arrested on Thursday following Chico’s search warrant. Both men face drug and identity theft-related charges, officials with the Butte Department’s Anti-Drug Task Force said.

A search warrant was served on Chico’s 50 Coral Circle, according to BINTF officials. Investigators arrived at the home, they said, convicted felons Luke Searle Hooper, 41, and Robert Eugene Sprague II, who were released on their own accord after previous arrests. (43) was contacted.

BINTF officials said during a raid that their agents and agents from the Butte County Sheriff’s Office’s Special Enforcement Unit found more than 8 grams of methamphetamine, about 4 grams of psilocybin, “magic” mushrooms, and an in-house manufactured drug. He said he found the US mail. Service master key, about 50 other miscellaneous keys, bank and medical records of about 50 different people, stolen driver’s licenses, stolen credit/debit cards.

Ultimately, the BINTF found that both Hooper and Sprague II were convicted of felonies of firearm possession, felonies on release on their own knowledge, identity theft, possession of burglary paraphernalia, and possession of methamphetamine, and were sentenced to Butte County Jail. is said to have been imprisoned in The BINTF says the methamphetamine charge against Sprague II is a felony because he was previously convicted of sex-related crimes.

In Thursday’s search warrant, the BINTF announced that Sprague II had developed medical conditions and was taken to a nearby hospital. If he is released, he will be charged with the aforementioned charges.

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