Tweet of the Week: Anchovy Popcorn from Renee Paquette, Star Treatment from Bayley and more!

It’s Sunday stupidity time with this week’s tweet. It features three B-focused random delights.

Oh, and some of these may not be from this week or tweets.

Let’s start with snacks. Renee Paquette presents her anchovy popcorn recipe. Yes you read that right. The video is a little long for the purposes of this week’s tweet, but it’s interesting. Some cats are dangerously close by eating anchovies and ruining the cooking session.

Bailey is treated like a star.

Otis was also spoiled.

This New Japan Pro Wrestling trailer is awesome.

Interesting travel review by Brian Cage.

Danhausen corrupted the mind of Kolten Gun’s grandma.

Boog! Asthblast like a champion.

Brandi Rose bench with donut plate.

Dr. Wagner Jr. chose a strange photo for his profile picture. Cheeks.

Tom Lawler is an expert in lower body development.

Velvet Sky wears dancing boots.

It concludes with Prince Presley’s cuteness, courtesy of Taya Valkyrie.

Mark Sterling better watch out for hot bastard attacks.

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