TW Garner Food Company Voluntarily Recalls Texas Peet® Buffalo Wing Sauce for Undeclared Soybeans


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food and drink

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undeclared soybeans

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TW Garner Food Company
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Company announcement

TW Garner Food Company is voluntarily recalling 50,688 12 oz bottles. Texas Pete® Buffalo Wings Sauce is best used with 120623T 065239 UPC 0 75500 10011 6 as some bottles may contain Texas Pete® Extra Mild Wings Sauce which contains soy. Individuals with allergies or severe sensitivities to soy may risk a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction when consuming this product.

The product turns out to be 12 oz. A glass bottle of orange sauce called Texas Pete® Buffalo Wing Sauce. The only product affected is best with 120623T 065239 printed on the cap of the product.

There have been no reports of illness to date.

The recall was initiated after receiving reports from direct customers that bottles labeled Texas Pete® Buffalo Wings Sauce were being substituted for Texas Pete® Extra Mild Wings Sauce. I was. The bottle of Texas Pete® Buffalo Wing Sauce did not have a soy allergen label. Upon investigation, it was determined that the problem was caused by applying the wrong label during part of the production process.

Products are shipped to distribution centers and retail stores located in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Los Angeles, Mississippi, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. it was done. Consumers with soy allergies or sensitivities who have purchased supreme Texas Peet® Buffalo Wing Sauce used by UPC 0 75500 10011 6 120623T 065239 should either not consume the product and either discard it or contact the place of purchase. We recommend that you return the Full refund.

For any consumer questions, please contact Katerine Cardoso, Quality Assurance Manager, at (336) 231-6417 Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm EST, or email Please contact us.

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