Tulsa firefighters fight storm all night while responding to medical emergencies

Tulsa firefighters battled heavy rains and flooding Thursday night while responding to medical emergencies near 129 East Avenue and East Fifth Avenue.

The Tulsa Fire Department responded around 10:30 p.m., but said the storm reduced it to two hours of full operation.

Firefighters said they had to cross a creek to reach a woman in emergency medical care. Heavy rains have swollen the creek, and firefighters said the water was moving about 10 mph. That’s when they decided to call a rescue team and put an inflatable boat into the water.

Meanwhile, firefighters on the ground began looking for Plan B. Capt. Scott Moorer said, “As they were working, he had two other trucks look at the map to see if there was better access to the entry route. One Through the creek he had already found his second path.”

The second method was that firefighters unlocked the gates of the football field and drove an ATV into the woods, eventually finding the woman.

A total of 20 firefighters were involved in the operation, according to the Tulsa Fire Department.

The woman’s condition is unknown, but she was taken to hospital by ambulance.

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