Trump Attorney Requests Meeting With Attorney General Merrick Garland About Special Counsel Investigation

Kevin Lamarck/Reuters

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland speaks at the Capitol in Washington, March 28, 2023.


Lawyers for Donald Trump have requested a meeting with Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding the Special Counsel’s Office investigation.

In a letter sent to Garland on Tuesday, the former president’s attorneys, John Lowry and James Trusty, said the special counsel and his prosecutors would work as soon as possible to discuss the ongoing wrongdoing. Please give me an opportunity to meet you.”

They argued that “no president of the United States in the history of our country has been investigated in such outrageous, unlawful and unsubstantiated ways.”

President Trump posted the letter on his social media platform, Truth Social.

The Justice Department declined to comment to CNN for the letter.

As CNN previously reported, Special Counsel Jack Smith appears to be entering the final stages of an investigation into President Trump’s mishandling of classified documents and possible sabotage of the 2020 election.

A recent flurry of activity by Smith’s team includes a series of grand jury appearances and activities, such as those on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Mr. Smith will receive a set of documents from the National Archives showing that Mr. Trump and his top advisers were aware of the correct declassification process while in office.

Former Trump attorney Tim Perlatore told CNN over the weekend, “At this point, it’s like they’re turning every stone over and hearing every witness, and that’s all we have to say. So just write a report to Mr. Merrick Garland.” i did it. ”

It remains to be seen whether Smith has met with former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, a potential key witness, and when Smith will release his findings in his final report to Garland. Or it is unclear whether the charges will be decided.

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