Trolls broke into an abandoned Indiana hospital and posted medical records on YouTube

La Porte, Indiana — Some of the medical information was uploaded to YouTube after vandals broke into the former La Porte Hospital, which is slated for demolition, and videotaped medical records. Inform the patient of the possibility. It was still on the scene.

According to Northwest Health-La Porte, the hospital learned of the incident in early March after a video showing medical records was uploaded to its YouTube account.

The hospital said medical records were illegally removed from a locked shredder bin still stored at the old La Porte hospital. The record was scattered on the ground by vandalism and was eventually filmed for a video uploaded to YouTube.

Northwest Health said the old hospital is vacant and scheduled for demolition, but not all hospital assets have been removed from the site yet.

After learning of the incident, the hospital “immediately went to the old facility to retrieve the records,” according to Northwest Health.

According to the hospital, most of the records taken from the bin contained patient names, hospital accounts, medical record numbers, and limited demographic information.

“In a limited number of cases, the records included the patient’s social security number, prescription information, insurance information, and/or billing information,” Northwest Health said.

The hospital has filed a lawsuit against the YouTube account owner and asked YouTube to remove the video.

“Since the video is private, the hospital cannot confirm whether the video has been removed from this person’s YouTube account,” Northwest Health said.

The hospital sent the patient or his immediate family a letter notifying him of the incident, as well as offering the patient a one-year free membership to the credit monitoring service.

Both the La Porte Police Department and the Indiana Attorney General’s Office are investigating the case, according to Northwest Health.

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