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Tristan Ramos performs at the Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair 2022 in San Antonio, Texas. | | Photo: Mariaelena Villarreal / Tejano Nation

Award Winning Tejano Singer Tristan Ramos He is recovering from emergency brain surgery on Friday. The youngest male artist to win a Tejano Music Award shared the news via his social media from his hospital bed after surgery.

“It was unexpected. I felt really sick and dizzy. Here I am, I’m still standing, anything is possible with God.”

he thanked his fans Signo front man Jesse Turnerand Magic 106.9 FM morning host Jennifer “Timosa” Martinez to keep praying. The accordionist will share details about his recovery over the next few days.

Ramos was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and a brain tumor in 2018 and underwent two major brain surgeries. Ramos didn’t let that disappoint him.He continued his music career with these health problems and never lost his faith.He had his awareness of hydrocephalus and brain tumours. continues to spread.

At age 13, Ramos was the youngest male artist to win a Tejano Music Award and the youngest artist to perform at Vegas Tejano Music Week in Las Vegas. He is also the youngest person to have his own record on his label and the youngest to be endorsed by an accordion company, music company and hat company.

At the age of seven, he decided to become a musician, proving to the world that he is not too young. He began touring with AJ Castillo’s band for a few years before deciding to go independent when he was 11. he released his debut album El Principioand won his first award, Best New Male Artist, at the age of 13. Tejano Music Awards 2019.

Ramos releases second album. Mediante, with 16 songs in 2021. He is currently working on his third album with his brothers Dylan and Mason.

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