Treatment of alien species continues at Laketown Township Hall

Outdoor Discovery Center land management manager Ben Harpink said Tuesday, May 23, at Laketown Township Hall at 4338 Beeline Road to clear toxic hemlocks and other invasive species. disperse.

Laketown TWP. — Staff at the Outdoor Discovery Center continued to treat alien species on the grounds of Laketown Township Hall Tuesday morning.

ODC members sprayed the grounds of Laketown Township Hall on May 23 to treat invasive species, according to a news release. Hall is located at 4338 Beeline Road in Laketown Township.

The treatment is part of a larger effort to control unwanted vegetation on the Laketown Township property, according to the release. Work on the hall began last June when a large amount of poisonous hemlock was cut.

Tsuga was brought to the United States as an ornamental garden plant in the 1800s, according to the Michigan State University Extension Office. According to MSU Extension, touching the plant is not dangerous, but all parts of the plant are toxic when ingested by humans, domestic animals and wildlife.

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