Transgender Teen Conspires Heinous Conspiracy To Get Years Of Therapy And Counseling To Win Swimming

Image from an article titled Trans-Teen Youth Conspires Heinous Conspiracy to Get Years of Therapy and Counseling to Win at Swimming

STOCKTON, Calif. — Local transgender teen Bree Chandler laughs as the stages of her dastardly plan materialize in her mind as she undergoes years of therapy and counseling to win the swim. He told reporters on Tuesday that he had made a diabolical plan to accept it. “It’s a no-brainer. A few years of sweet-talking medical professionals, hormone therapy, enduring complex gender-affirming surgeries, and that swimming trophy is mine.”17 A year-old high school senior, she step-by-step explains the dastardly conspiracy to change her female identity to place fourth or even third in her high school and Division III college swimming competitions. “I don’t want to be a woman either. I just want to win swimming. All I had to do was go through months or years of psychiatric treatment and lie about my gender identity. Imagine laughing gleefully on the winner’s podium when you know all you have to do is take a large dose of androgen blockers and attend speech therapy, recovering from multiple invasive surgeries! The loneliness as I struggle to accept my social transition, the bureaucratic headache of having to change my legal documents to reflect my correct identity, and the stranger Being a vulnerable target for harassment from social media is nothing compared to having that thought: the trophy is in my devilish little hands!” He pointed out that the only thing that threatened the nefarious ploy of changing genders to win over several girls in swimming competitions was that she didn’t know how to swim.

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