Top 10 African cities where food is most expensive

  • Business Insider Africa presents the top 10 African cities with the highest food costs.
  • This list comes from Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index, which is calculated using food price data, among other metrics.
  • The food price index included in this article is based on a weighted average of Numbeo’s grocery and restaurant indices from Business Insider.

Food is an integral part of our lives and a basic element for survival. However, food prices can put a financial burden on many individuals around the world. The ability of individuals to purchase nutritious and healthy meals can be severely impacted by rising domestic food costs, which can ultimately adversely affect health and well-being.

The availability and price of food can affect the livability of an area. Based on the region and other factors that affect livability, the more economical the food is relative to its nutritional value, the more desirable the region.

However, we cannot simply ignore the fact that food is more expensive in some regions than in others. These high prices are influenced by many factors, such as supply and demand, production costs, processing costs, transportation costs, and their nomenclature. neighborhood. Food is the most essential commodity in any economy, so considering how much an area’s inhabitants spend on food and living helps them decide whether to live there.

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