Tokyo Styles reveals foot surgery to correct toe length and fish eyes

Tokyo Styles She says she has struggled with “leg problems and anxiety” since childhood. So she looked into and booked a podiatrist’s services to fix her corns, bunions and long toes.

All of this is new to her more than one million followers on Instagram, Tokyo said in a video clip explaining her plastic surgery.

“I just wanted to come here and share a little insight on some things you don’t know that I’ve never shared with anyone. I’ve had legs since I was young. I’ve struggled and dealt with issues and anxieties, which is one of the reasons why you haven’t seen my feet in photos and if you do, they’re edited out,” Mia said. .

She shared before and after shots of her legs, as well as an explainer video by. Dr. Abraham Wagner, Insight into procedure preparation.

Ms. Tokyo was active in sports and dancing from an early age, but she said she wore shoes that didn’t fit her well. She says corns on “nearly all toes”, two bunions, and irregular toe length are all to blame.

Tokyo Styles says she felt pressured to have “feminine legs” as a woman

“It took a long time,” Tokyo said in the post’s caption to reveal this information. That’s because stylists are turning heads with their styling of celebrity crowns.She has built a reputation in the entertainment industry, especially for cutting the hair of her most public clientele, the rapper. Cardi B.

“After doing a lot of research on these procedures, I’ve had enough and finally found someone to give me the leg mods I’ve always wanted. As a woman, I’m feminine. Being on your feet is required, and sometimes I feel pressured when I leave the house because I have to worry about what kind of shoes I should wear to hide my feet. I always wanted to be able to wear cute sandals.”

Podiatrist explains Tokoyo Stylez foot treatment, she says it’s a ‘dream come true’

Dr. Wagner appeared on camera and explained to viewers the solution to “almost all toes” corns, two bunions and irregular foot length.

“Our main goal is very simple, combining to address not only functional but also aesthetic elements,” said Dr. Wagner. “At the top, there is a distinct feminization change in the legs.

The good news about Mia, as I said before, is that the foundation is there. Believe it or not, her legs are really, really cute to begin with. So it really is a winner. Her legs are not wide. Her legs are thin and slender, which gave her a really good start. “

Although this video was shot after surgery, Mia also shows her preparations for the surgery, including paralysis of her leg and markings for surgery. When the Miami-based podiatrist asked Tokyo if the numbing process was painful, she said, “No pain. Just a few pinches here and there, no pain at all.”

Post-op photos show sutures on both feet, including three on the middle and big toes. They wore pink bandages.

Nevertheless, the stylist says the procedure was “a dream come true.”

“So for me, being able to solve this problem is a dream come true. I had lost hope for a long time, but after seeing Dr. Wagner at my first appointment, he told me the honest truth. , gave me a sense of hope.” About what exactly happens and how this is different from other surgeries. “

Tokyo’s claws appeared untouched, appearing black and lacking large chunks. She explained that an injury caused her to lose her nails.

“I bumped my toes against the corner of the bed and got badly bruised and my nails fell off, so my toenails looked like this. prize” [laughing emoticon] Please don’t judge me for not being perfect,” Tokyo added.

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