TODAY fans accuse Savannah Guthrie of having plastic surgery because she ‘can’t move her face’ in new coronation video

Savannah Guthrie had a big smile on her face while covering the King’s coronation ceremony in London.

However, some fans are wondering if her look is natural or if it was surgically enhanced.

Savannah Guthrie had a big smile on her face at the king’s coronationCredit: Instagram/savannahguthrie
Fans accused the TODAY show host of having plastic surgeryCredit: Instagram/savannahguthrie

Savannah secured a front row seat at all the coronation festivities over the weekend.

Journalists were sent abroad to cover the events for the Today show.

She also finds time to document the trip with photos of herself posted on her Instagram account.

The 51-year-old smiled as she stood and posed with the NBC crew.

She captioned the photo set: “Happy to cover the best coronation in the business!!”

However, viewers were distracted by her appearance, claiming that she appeared to have undergone some form of plastic surgery.

“I love Savannah, but she could have done without Botox on her forehead,” one criticized.

Another sarcastically added:

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A third simply called it “embarrassing.”

clothes call

Savannah got high marks for her coronation wardrobe choices.

The anchor sat in front of Buckingham Palace as the procession route ran in front of her and was covered with blankets to combat the rain.

Beneath the blanket she wore a tight dark pink dress covered with layers of lace.

The lace ran from the chest down the arm to the wrist.

The color of her dress complimented the sea of ​​red flowers behind her.

Away from the cameras, the veteran TODAY anchor decided to wear white sneakers to keep her comfortable during her reporting.

fashion week

On Friday, Savannah wowed her followers in a new video from London wearing a black tight lace dress and towering heels.

On Thursday, Today posted a video of Savannah on the show’s Instagram account, capturing her walking to Buckingham Palace.

She turned to face the camera and said, “It’s almost time for the coronation!”

The sound was from a clip from the Disney movie Frozen.

Savannah wore a tea-length black dress.

The hem of the dress was trimmed with lace to show off her toned legs.

Savannah matched this dress with tan pointed toe heels.

She also wore a black trench coat over the outfit and added minimal jewelry.

“absolutely adorable”

Today, fans received comments praising her looks.

“You are absolutely adorable!!! Excited for you,” one fan commented.

“You are such a rock star,” said another.

Third addition: “Your costume is great.”

“Gorgeous,” one fan wrote.

“Great,” said the follower.

There was also a voice saying, “It’s cute!”

“Savannah is absolutely cute!” another commented.

Savannah posed for a photo with the London crewCredit: Instagram/savannahguthrie
she was complimented on her coronation fashion choicesCredit: Instagram/savannahguthrie
Savannah shared a behind-the-scenes look at the royal event

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