TikTok Surgeon Powell Appears at Medical Board to Retain License

Powell, Ohio — On Monday, Dr. Catherine Grau, known on TikTok as Dr. Roxie, was the first to stand before the state medical board calling for her medical license to be retained after it was suspended in November. it was day

Dr. Powell is known for sharing behind-the-scenes videos of medical procedures and has been accused of malpractice by several patients.

Former patient Mary Jenkins said Monday’s testimony reminded her of terrifying times.

“I got my stomach stuck in a streetcar flap and it was an unbelievable fiasco. It failed and I almost lost my life,” Jenkins said. “She didn’t understand what was happening to her at all.”

In 2012, Jenkins, who had recently recovered from breast cancer, went to Dr. Grau for a reconstruction, but said she nearly lost her life.

“My sons wouldn’t have had a mother. I wouldn’t have met my grandchildren. I wouldn’t have grown my nonprofit to impact people across the country.” There are many things that wouldn’t have happened if I had lost that life,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins filed a lawsuit against Grau, who was convicted of medical negligence in 2016. Nearly a decade later, Jenkins said she stands by patients who are now suing.

“I feel like everyone’s grandmother because I believe deep down in my heart that if something had been done then, we might not be here today,” Jenkins said. Told.

Dr Grawe requested that cameras not be used during his testimony, but reporters were allowed to attend. The board accused Grawe of neglecting patient care, using social media, and alleged post-care treatment. Mr Jenkins said Mr Grawe was emotional at one point.

“I asked myself, ‘Is she crying because she’s worried or regretful or because she’s on the front line to get her license back?'” Jenkins asked. rice field.

Grawe pleaded to keep his license and said he cared deeply about his patients.

Jenkins said she hopes her story will inspire others to come forward.

“There are stories to be told and people need to be heard because there are many more people who are affected in some way and are looking for a ray of hope despite all that is going on. Because we believe,” Jenkins said.

The hearing will last for a week, and the board will receive a report and recommendations from the hearing officer in June or July, at which time it will decide whether to continue Grawe’s license suspension.

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