This Mother’s Day, Families Celebrate Mother’s Medical Miracle

Aurora, IL (CBS) — This Mother’s Day, the Aurora family celebrates what is considered a medical miracle.

As reported by CBS 2’s Jackie Kostek, this update to the story we first brought you a year ago shows what happens when you hold on to hope.

1 year has passed From the first time I met Chris, Alyssa and Colin Kellythey cherished Alyssa’s first Mother’s Day, but knew a second Mother’s Day wasn’t guaranteed.

Alyssa Kelly said, “I never thought I would be this successful.”

Chris Kelly said, “I heard a lot of bad news in the beginning, so I’m really happy I got over that hurdle.”

The bad news started about two years ago when Alyssa was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer while pregnant with son Colin. She began treatment immediately and Colin was born healthy in August 2021.


But Alyssa’s cancer was advanced. At the time, she was considered inoperable.

“I actually just reached out to the group, and a lot of other people were told the same thing,” Chris said. “When you face the ultimate battle of life, you meet people who don’t want to say ‘no.’ That’s what brought us to California.”

Outwest was where the miracle began. After being initially told no because Alyssa’s tumor is too large for surgery, Alyssa has shown a phenomenal response to second-line chemotherapy. This created an opportunity.

“I got a call at work and I just called her and told her about it and I just remember driving home and I felt really happy for the first time in a long time,” Chris said. rice field.

“When he called me, I was like, ‘I’m going to pack my bags and go to California,'” Alyssa said. “Then the doctor called me and said, ‘You can do the surgery.'”

After ten hours of surgery, the miracle began to take root. Clear margins mean the surgeon was able to remove the tumor without leaving visible signs of cancer.

“Everything went really well. I feel like a real mother now,” said Alyssa.

Alyssa said being Colin’s mother was what kept her going through 35 rounds of chemotherapy. Her health is not taken for granted, but her latest scan results showed continued improvement.

“You never know what tomorrow will bring,” said Alyssa. “You can go from being healthy to feeling sick the next day.”

With the future unpredictable, you will appreciate the present moment and what your family can do for you.

“We went to Morton Arboretum – and it was like a family day – and I thought, ‘This is what families do. This is great, this is great.’ ”

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