“This is the bare minimum companion.”

A woman on TikTok recently gave a tip to women on how to treat men, calling it “treating like a king.” However, her advice was not unanimously accepted, sparking a debate on TikTok about how to treat partners.

It all started when Ashtin Evans (@_ashtinevans) posted a video about a conversation in which a man shared with her tips for women to get the “princess treatment.” She advised women on how to dress, behave in fashionable surroundings, and order properly in restaurants.

Someone in her comment asked about the male equivalent, and Evans made a follow-up video in response.

“In my opinion, the three things I think a man thinks about treating a king are as follows,” she began. is a service like helping him with errands, looking up car details, making food, etc. The third is definitely boosting his ego. Let him know you’re killing it.

Evans described those acts as the treatment of a king, but some men in the comments thought she missed the mark.

“And this is the bare minimum companion,” said @003looloo.

“So treating like a king is the three basic steps in a relationship,” @shakesum10k replied.

But many men thought there was more to being treated like a king, and Evans admitted that.

“OK, OK, then tell me what you want in my latest video, King,” she replied in the comment.

Evans then produced two response videos. The first was about how men should behave in order to be treated like a king, and the second was an updated version of her original video.

She said men should be loyal, romantic, and best-served providers.

Following that video, she posted an updated version of the King Treatment using suggestions from the comments on the first video.

According to Evans, the three pillars are respect, which can include pampering men and offering a range of services such as haircuts and back massages.

The comments included mixed reviews on her updated list, but one comment tried to give a view from both perspectives.

“The problem is that one person is like the bare minimum layer of God to another based on their relationship history and how they value themselves in relationships,” said @ dan_themaestro said.

Commentators have been unable to come up with a definitive list that constitutes the treatment of kings, so debate continues as to how men should be treated.

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