This doctor says food is indeed medicine

In America, more and more doctors treat food as medicine. A pediatrician coordinated a pediatric practice to bring children and their families into the kitchen. Her Dr. Yum project, the name of the non-profit organization, impacts the health of thousands of people, including children in her 29 states who use the Dr. Yum preschool curriculum.

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Angie Miles: The Biden administration is asking that Medicaid health subsidies be used to buy groceries. Creative solutions that address food scarcity and malnutrition and recognize the medicinal properties of food. In Fredericksburg, Dr. Nimali Fernando tackles the same issues with children, promoting food as medicine in her pediatric practice.

NIMALI FERNANDO: Many of the children I saw were overweight or obese. Would you like help? How can I prevent this? That’s what I’m trying to do, start a Dr. Yum project, then move my practice into a personal practice, share a kitchen, share a garden, and use it as a foundation for my practice. It allowed me to really focus on nutrition.

ANGIE MILES: Her practice and Dr. A related non-profit organization known as the Yum Project works to change outcomes across the community. .

HEIDI DeEUGENIO: Meal o Matic is a really useful tool. You can browse your refrigerator and pantry to see what’s available and create customized recipes from everything you have in your kitchen. Allowing you to control what your diet is with food is a really great way to do it.

ANGIE MILES: Data already shows that efforts to promote the healing power of food are benefiting healthier communities and improved diets, according to the founders.

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