This Costco food court item has been returned – and with a major upgrade

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With fan-favorites seemingly returning to food court menus, there’s one more thing to celebrate for Costco shoppers. As a result of the pandemic, some of the food court’s most popular items have been discontinued to curb the spread of COVID-19. But now that restrictions are easing, Costco is signaling that things are finally returning to normal at the food court.

The menu item was first spotted at the Cranberry, Pennsylvania store, but the price jumped slightly from $3.99 to $6.99. If you’re a little fed up with price changes, don’t worry just yet. Apparently, it wasn’t just the price of the salad that went up. So was the quality of the chicken. The newly upgraded salad features rotisserie chicken breast, while the previous popular salad consisted solely of shredded chicken.

“An employee here made a sample of the salad for us to try a week ago!” The chicken was definitely a huge upgrade!!!” commented one employee/redditor.

Costco headquarters have yet to officially announce when the Caesar salad will be making a national comeback, but Costco aficionados are flooding the comments section of Reddit posts with hyped expectations and excitement. Additional questions have been pouring in as to which food court items will be back next. . Frozen yogurt or the best pizza? Can you expect a turkey pesto sandwich? We may not know the answer yet, but the Reddit poster should let us know if something pops up.

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