The Ultimate BBQ and Barrel Guide: Free Stuff, Food and Bourbon Options, Parking, Music Lineup, and More

BBQ and Barrels, the revival of the barbecue festival, begins today and continues tomorrow. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know, including the difference between free and paid, food and bourbon outlets, where everything is located, and parking and road closures.


This map shows you at a glance almost everything you need to know and where most things are.

free and paid

It costs nothing to walk around the city during the event. The music is free and there will be plenty of free food samples. Of course, stalls charge for food, and carnivals require tickets for rides and games. Tickets are required for the bourbon tasting event on Saturday at the Convention Center (see event details here).


The Davis Street and Locust Street car parks will remain open throughout the weekend. Drivers are asked to obey all posted parking signs.

The following streets are closed until 7am on Sundays:

  • East 2nd Street Clay Street to JR Miller Boulevard and JR Miller Boulevard to Daviess Street (JR Miller./East 2nd intersection will remain open.)
  • East 2nd Street to Daviess Street to Walnut Street
  • Allen Street from West 3rd Street to Veterans Boulevard, St. Ann Street, Frederica Street, St. Elizabeth Street, Locust Street
  • Cedar Street From Nishi 3-chome to Nishi 2-chome
  • Veterans Boulevard

barbecue vendor

  • Our Lady
  • Our Lady of Lourdes
  • precious blood
  • Saint Mary of the Forest
  • old hickory
  • Ole South
  • Moonlight Bar BQ Inn
  • C&W BBQ
  • Curbside kitchenette
  • barbecue in the kitchen
  • Follow the Smoke BBQ
  • Jay’s Good Grab
  • Juicy Bat’s BBQ
  • lure smoke shack
  • On-time BBQ
  • Owensboro Brew Bridge
  • roll ride BBQ
  • Slickback BBQ
  • T and T BBQ


  • 18th Street Distillery
  • envy of angels
  • flagship distillation company
  • Bard Distillery
  • barrel house distillery
  • Bardstown Bourbon Co.
  • bluegrass distillery
  • broadleaf whiskey
  • Castle & Key Distillery
  • driftless distillery
  • fresh bourbon
  • Followers
  • French Lick Distillery
  • good trouble bourbon
  • Green River Distilling Company
  • hard truth spirits
  • heaven hill
  • Hotel Tango Distillery
  • hemingway whiskey
  • indiana whiskey
  • oh ingram bourbon whiskey
  • Jefferson’s
  • Jepsa Creed
  • KY10 Bourbon
  • maker’s mark
  • Lexington Brewing & Distilling Company
  • Baraki Distillery Distillery
  • old steel house
  • pin hook
  • penelope bourbon
  • pursuit spirit
  • RD1 Spirits
  • starlight distillery
  • Three Boys Farm Distillery (Whiskey Thief Company)
  • watershed distillery
  • Western Kentucky Distilling Company

Other food/beverage vendors

  • cheney’s daily barn
  • coco bongo
  • goodwood brewing
  • hello pop
  • king skeleton cone
  • kona ice cream
  • squishy lemonade
  • Sweet Di Licious Kettlecorn
  • Will’s Chill’s & Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice

Arts/crafts vendor

  • Christopher Walton
  • corporate hippie
  • county line design
  • major manufacturing
  • fun barbecues
  • Peppers-R-Paradise
  • PG Wood Designs
  • rough river metal works
  • touch of fudge


A music stage will be set up in front of the Owensboro Convention Center. The artists scheduled to appear are as follows.


  • 5pm — Funky Luck, 5pm
  • 7:15 p.m. — Cynthia Murray & The End Times


  • 11 am — Cam Thompson
  • 12:30pm — Josh Orion
  • 2:00 PM — Blissful Troubadours
  • 3:15 p.m. — Jerret Davis & Colt Rickard
  • 5pm — Zocephas & Funknasty
  • 7:15pm — Whiskey Row

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