The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

replenish the health legend of zelda The series often involved cutting grass and breaking rocks to collect stray hearts, dropping tall glasses of Lon Lon milk, and catching fairies.after that Breath of the Wild Introducing cooking dishes to the series and providing a new and more varied way to replenish your health. tears of the kingdom Keep cooking with lots of new recipes.

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The various dishes also include other perks, such as Quick Cooks that increase speed, Invigorating Cooks that replenish stamina, Heat Resistant Cold, and Cold Resistant Spicy. While these may be useful, it’s the health boost that keeps Link and the player engaged in the game. So if players are looking for a way to recover, do the following: The best food recipes to restore Link’s health of tears of the kingdom.

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7 Spicy Fruit & Mushroom Mix

Kingdom Tears Healthy Recipes - Cooking

Even the simplest dish can return a heart or two to Link, and sometimes less. But if players want something they can pay to get more hearts for, they need to load up on materials.Acquiring some Hylian Shrooms and Spicy Peppers will grant the player Spicy Fruit & Mushroom Mix.

Provides six and a half minutes of cold resistance anywhere in winter. More importantly, it refills Link’s 5 hearts. This is a dish worth keeping in mind, even if you’re pushed in warmer areas.

6 Spicy Sautéed Green Peppers

Kingdom Tears Healthy Recipe - Spicy Sautéed Peppers

Unless you have a lot of spicy peppers. The mushrooms are fine enough, but 5 spicy peppers are enough. Spicy Sautéed Green Peppers. It also restores 5 hearts and saves Link from a pinch.

However, it also grants Link 12½ minutes of cold resistance, so it might be best to save it for when Link is in the middle of Gutambach Shrine or other snowy areas. However, if a player has enough spicy peppers, it’s worth considering Spicy Sauté his peppers.

Five spicy pepper steak

Spicy Pepper Steak Cold Food Tears of the Kingdom of Zelda-1

Spicy peppers are more cold hardy, but if health is at a premium, it’s worth mixing 3 spicy peppers and 2 steaks. spicy pepper steak. It looks delicious and restores 7 hearts.

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This dish offers a high payoff to the player, even at the cost of withstanding snow and cold winds. Cold hardiness he has only eight and a half minutes, but still enough time. It’s only worth bearing in mind whether the player intends to hang out in the snow or just wants to rejuvenate.

Four fish and mushroom skewers

Kingdom Tears Healthy Recipe - Glowing-Eyed Crab

Players don’t need Spicy Peppers or Steaks to restore 7 hearts. It is for cold weather only. If all the player wants is hearts, some bright-eyed crabs and mushrooms can be used to get hearts. fish and mushroom skewers.

Bright Eyed Clubs alone can replenish Link’s stamina, so there are many ways to back him up. These can be purchased from traveling merchants or caught in ancient haunts. Breath of the Wild Like Ranelle Oizumi. Zora’s realm is also a good location, especially if the player wants to complete his quests on the “Crabulous Deal” side.

3 apples in honey

The Legend of Zelda: The Kingdom of Tears ~The Best Recipes to Heal Link's Health~ 1

If crab fishing is too much trouble, players can head to the forest and kill enough Courser Beehives to obtain a beehive. It can be made by simply combining it with a regular old apple. apples in honeyStill, it doesn’t hurt to stock up.

Honey apples also restore 7 hearts at a time with no bonus effect. If players just want to face formidable bosses or test challenges, this is all you need.

2 Hearty deep-fried vegetables

The Legend of Zelda: The Kingdom of Tears ~The Best Recipes to Heal Link's Health (1)-1

Fried Wild Green can heal five and a half hearts on its own, and only requires Chikaroo Nuts and Hyrule Herbs to assemble. It can also be combined with other items for additional perks, such as Sampo, which resists darkness.

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Add a few hearty items, such as a hearty radish, Hearty deep-fried vegetables, adds some temporary bonus hearts. It cannot be refilled, but it does extend Link’s health until the player can find the Heart Container needed to perpetuate it.

1 meat skewer

Kingdom Tears Healthy Recipe - Meat Skewers

Enough dishes are available for players to try. Players can also try vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan menus. tears of the kingdom to see if it is possible.had an effect metal gear solid 3. That said, to make the most mind-soothing dishes at once, Link needs to be at least an omnivore, or a full-blown carnivore.

If you hunt enough grassland foxes and forest boars, you can get raw meat. When you cook 5 together, meat skewer, restores 10 hearts per shot. This is basically a full recovery for most of the game’s progression and a very decent boost for the rest.

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears is now available on Switch.

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