The Legend of Zelda: How to make Heat-Resistant Food from the Kingdom of Tears

Know how to make heat-resistant foods tears of the kingdom can save your life. It is a well-known fact that abnormal weather exists in Hyrule. Sometimes the weather is fine and everything is fine, but other times it freezes and melts. Not only that, local enemies will try to freeze you, set you on fire.Today we will talk about Heat-resistant, So be careful if you plan to go to Death Mountain or the Gerudo Desert. If you want to be strong in the heat, here’s how to make heat-resistant foods. The Legend of Zelda Tears of Kingdom.

Make heat resistant recipes in Tears of the Kingdom

Heat Resistant Food Kingdom Tears Cool Safrina

Image courtesy of Nintendo

To learn how to make heat resistant food, you need to use Cooking Chop. As introduced in Breath of the Wild, zelda Players know that combining multiple ingredients during cooking yields multiple tears of the kingdom It’s as easy as before.

Thankfully, making heat-resistant foods just got easier. All you have to do is gather in the wild the specific ingredients that give you that effect. Just look for the keyword “heat resistance” in the description of the material. Examples of materials that provide heat resistance are Chillshrooms, Chifflin Trout, Hydromelons and in this case Cool Safflina.

Heat Resistant Food Kingdom Tears Cooking Pot

Image courtesy of Nintendo

Once you have the item, press the A button and select “Hold” to keep the item. You can have up to 5 materials. Look for a cooking pot with a fire burning underneath it. If the fire is out, use a flaming arrow or torch to start the fire. Be sure to select a heat-resistant material as the cooking material and put it in the pot.

They will start cooking and upon completion will render the recipe with a Heat Resistant bonus effect. In our case, we combine meat with cool safrina.Let’s eat recipes that can withstand the heat tears of the kingdom for a specific amount of time. Again, this all depends on the combination of ingredients and their quality.


How soon after Breath of the Wild will Tears of the Kingdom air?

The above is how to make heat resistant food. The Legend of Zelda Tears of Kingdom. Be sure to combine heat-resistant ingredients with some other powerful ingredients to create the best recipes. This will help you on your journey, as extreme weather is just one of the many obstacles you’ll encounter on your adventure.

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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