The food pantry at OKC Dream Center is more than just food

Bread, canned goods, and bags of potato chips were just a few of the items the OKC Dream Center distributed in the pantry on Saturday morning. But their customers say their kindness is what keeps them coming back.

“Yes, they are very essential,” says Food Pantry patron Sherry Matthews. “There are a lot of people who use these services who honestly don’t want to eat.

Sherry says this food pantry is unlike any other.

“Over the years I have had to go to many different places, but this place has by far been the best in terms of kindness and help from people. I think they are doing a great job.” she says.

And, according to Dream Center executive director Chase Parsons, their job is all about “finding and meeting needs, finding and healing wounds.” He says Sherry’s words mean everything.

“When I hear people say that we are the kindest, I think it’s worth getting up every day and changing lives in small and big impactful ways,” he says.

And the impact is by no means small.

“We have served more than 2,000 households to date and have been able to provide over 30,000 pounds of food,” Parsons said.

The Dream Center opens the pantry at the end of each month to restock the family’s shelves and provide peace of mind.

“In this crazy world, we can’t get by on our own,” Parsons said. “The more we are able to unite relationally and meet each other’s needs…that makes us stronger.”

Having food on the table is a good place to start.

Shelly said, “This is amazing. I may not have been able to really make it. So this is very necessary and means the world to me.”

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