Texas ranked worst state for mental health care

A recent study by Forbes compared all 50 states and found that Texas ranks worst with the highest number of adults and young people who cannot afford health care.

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A new Forbes study finds mental health care in Texas is the worst in America.

A new Forbes study finds mental health care in Texas is the worst in America.

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For years, Texas has established itself as the union’s most uninsured state. According to a recent Forbes study, inaccessibility to health care also affects Texans suffering from mental illness.

A Forbes study found that Texas has the highest uninsured rate among adults with mental illness at 21.5% of all 50 states. Additionally, among all 50 states, 40% of adult Texans with cognitive impairment were unable to see a doctor because it cost them more than in any other state. One of the study’s most troubling statistics is the number of young people who endured a major depressive episode last year and were denied treatment because of the high cost. According to Forbes, more than 73% of him in Texas youth are experiencing mental difficulties and do not receive mental health care.

The analysis also found that Texas had the fourth highest percentage of children with private insurance that did not cover mental or emotional care. Advisors reviewed data from the National Center for Health Statistics, Mental Health America, U.S. Census Bureau County Business Survey, U.S. Census Bureau, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services to determine the numbers.

The Texas County Jail network is now the largest mental health care network in the state, according to the Texas County Association. Harris County Jail, in particular, is known for being one of the largest mental health treatment centers in the area. In 2022, the prison recorded the highest number of custodial deaths in the facility’s history.

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