Texans of all ages need health care reform, more affordable benefits

When Gallup asked Americans how worried they were about the availability and affordability of healthcare services, more than 80% of respondents said they were very or very concerned. .

Texas voters also recognize the urgent need for health care reform. A recent poll of 1,400 registered voters in LBJ and Univision Texas found that health care is a top priority for many in the state they want Congress to address.

Jacqueline Angell, University of Texas

But while many are concerned about the affordability of health insurance, Congress seems less enthusiastic about offering a legislative solution. Our study attributes part of the lack of motivation to the fact that even though older voters are most affected by health care cost cuts, it’s not necessarily what they’re most worried about. Indicates that there is a possibility that it’s immigration. In particular, young voters aged 18-29 see health care costs as the second most important issue, with 27% of this group believing that health care costs will be a key future priority. Unfortunately, it also has the lowest voter turnout.

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