Tens of thousands of people are losing Medicaid coverage

2020 Coronavirus Relief Package Terms Ban Each state forbids kicking anyone out of Medicaid, regardless of whether they are still eligible. But that provision ended last month.

Initial data from some states that have already started this process show thousands fall through the crackyou lose coverage due to “procedural” issues.

This meant that even though they were still eligible for Medicaid, they were excluded from coverage because the state didn’t know if they were eligible. Perhaps they moved and the state was not found, or their income was misreported in the state database.

The Biden administration is about 15 million Nonetheless, people will lose their insurance, including nearly 7 million who are expected to be uninsured. still qualified Due to administrative barriers such as missing or incomplete documents.

States must go through the once-routine process of cleaning up their Medicaid rolls for a year, but some states are making the transition much faster.

Advocates warn chaos Even under the best of circumstances, especially when states move fast and don’t do much to figure out if people are eligible.

Arkansas, for example, is rushing the rededication process after just six months, citing cost concerns and Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ goal of encouraging people to “get out of the government trap.” .

About 73,000 people in Arkansas lost coverage in the first month, including about 27,000 children under the age of 17.According to an analysis by the Center for Children and Families at Georgetown University, approximately 80 percent Of the dismissals, they were for procedural reasons.

in Florida, more than half Medicaid coverage has been discontinued among those who received eligibility verification last month.

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