Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Reveals Plans to Get Plastic Surgery to Change Key Facial Features

TEEN Mom star Jenelle Evans has hinted at plans to undergo cosmetic surgery to tweak key facial features.

The MTV alum shows fans how she looks with a little nip tucks in sexy selfies for Instagram Stories.

Jenelle Evans teased her desire to have facial plastic surgeryCredit: Instagram/j_evans1219
Star reveals she wants a more plump poutCredit: Instagram/j_evans1219

Jenelle, 31, posted a boomerang clip of herself sitting in her car, revealing her desire to get what she calls a “Rip Flip.”

In the heavily filtered photo, the mother of three holds her hand to the side of her head and slightly plays with her hair.

She wore glasses and a dark hoodie in the video.

The Teen Mom alum captioned her shy capture.

Jenelle followed up the photo with another, showing her pouting and purposefully puffing out her lips while looking into the distance.

Her long, curly brown hair hung down around her shoulders and in front.

She captioned the photo: “Vibe: Pouting for no reason.”

Jenelle is well versed in plastic surgery.

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She got breast implants while still appearing on the MTV reality show, and fans accused her of getting lip fillers in the past.

show off her figure

Junelle doesn’t seem happy with the size of her lips, but she’s become more and more accustomed to the rest of her body.

The North Carolina native has been flaunting her figure online and applauding critics for her natural curves.

On April 20th, Jenelle shared a series of throwback photos from her trip to Key Largo, Florida.

In the first photo of the bunch, she posed on a series of steps leading directly to the ocean.

In the second snap, she’s in the same spot, this time with her back to the camera.

She wore a tiny multi-colored bikini that showed off her butt and all.

Jenelle completes the set with a third aerial photo showing her belly and curvaceous thighs standing at the bottom of the stairs.

She captioned the photo, “One of the coolest beaches I’ve ever been to!”

Fans flocked to comments praising her, writing: refreshing. “

Another simply wrote, “You look great!”

health problems

Jenelle is mostly fine these days, but she’s been struggling with her health.

In an Instagram Story post shared Thursday, she revealed she had been in touch with her doctor, who confirmed she didn’t have “acid reflux,” but said, “The bad news: they I still don’t know why I had acid reflux,” he added.I have esophageal spasms. “

Jenelle has been open with her fans about her issues.

In April, the reality star posted a new TikTok video from the hospital showing him hooked up to a catheter for a 24-hour medical test.

“I’ll explain what’s going on,” she began.

Teen Mom has had lung problems in the past and underwent a mildly invasive test in November to see if she had any other issues.

During that examination, doctors discovered what Jenelle called a “spot” in her right lung.

“But I don’t smoke e-cigarettes. I have never smoked an e-cigarette in my life,” she claimed.

Doctors are now tasked with figuring out why Jenelle is “aspirating into her lungs.”

The MTV star explained her condition:

“And they say the spots in my lungs they tested were caused by aspiration.”

In the clip, she was hooked up to a machine that tested the pH level of her esophagus to gather data that could help solve the mystery.

A medical device tested Jenelle’s pH levels every time she moved, ate, drank, and slept for 24 hours to see if she had acid reflux and whether it was the cause of her blemishes.

That same month, she took to her Instagram story to clarify issues in her marriage before heading to the hospital.

she wrote:

A short while later she posted a picture of the road with the following text written on it:

A few hours later, Jenelle resurfaced on social media, posting a video of herself looking relatively fine with a tube attached to her nose and some sort of machine in hand.

She smiled during the boomerang video and wrote, “The first part is over and we have to wait 24 hours.”

Jenelle later posted a video of herself lip-syncing to audio from Bob’s Burgers, writing, “I’m about to hit rock bottom.

“I know I’m laughing now, but the light inside me is fading.”

Teen Mom’s alum has tackled major health issuesCredit: Instagram/j_evans1219
She shared candidly with her fans and took them on her journeyCredit: TikTok
Jenelle is also showing off her body in her strugglesCredit: Instagram/j_evans1219

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