Tears of the Kingdom – 10 Best Cooking Recipes to Restore Link’s Stamina

tears of the kingdom Players quickly learn during their playthrough that stamina is one of the most important things in the game. The player’s stamina her wheel determines whether she can reach cliff tops, reach certain her Sky Isles, or tame wild horses. Unfortunately, this can be very difficult and time consuming for players trying to increase their stamina. A number of shrines must be completed to gain enough Blessed Light to earn him one Vessel of Stamina.

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Luckily, there are other ways for players to increase their stamina. tears of the kingdom. By cooking certain recipes, you can increase your stamina on the go, making it much easier to complete some of the more difficult tasks in the game. Players looking to find the best recipes for restoring Link’s stamina can find some here.

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Ten honey candy

Tears of the Kingdom Honey Candy

It is a simple recipe that can be made just by cooking one courser bee honey. If players are looking for greater stamina his wheel his boost, just add Courser He Be He Honey to the mix and you’re good to go.of tears of the kingdomCourser Bee Honey is fairly rare, so players will need to hunt it if they want to use it in multiple dishes.

Honey is best found in dense forest areas. Players only need to keep an eye on the tree branches to see if there are any lingering bees announcing the hive’s presence.

9 Stir-fried crab

Kingdom Tears Fried Crab

Players can create a hearty stir-fried crab with just two ingredients: bright-eyed crab and goron spice. Bright-Eyed Crabs are often found around Zora’s realm, so missing players can catch them there.

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If a player wants their food to restore more stamina, simply adding a few Bright Eyed Crabs to their food will increase the stamina effect. Goron Spice is most conveniently purchased at the general store in Goron City, where he costs 16 rupees per piece.

8 mushroom risotto

Kingdom Tears Mushroom Risotto

This fun recipe requires a fair amount of ingredients. A player needs rock salt, goat butter, Hylia rice, and one or he two Stamera Shrooms. The more Stamera a player uses his Shroom, the more The higher the stamina boost, the Give them a plate. Rock salt is very common and players can naturally encounter it while mining. However, you can also purchase from multiple sellers.

Players can actually get Goat Butter for free when they visit spas in Gerudo Town. You can also find one lying around with free oil. You can also buy it from many merchants, as well as Hyreal Rice. Finally, Stamera Shrooms can be found in various forests around Hyrule, usually growing next to trees.

7 mushroom rice ball

Tears Mushroom Rice Ball

Players who want to make cheery mushroom rice balls can do so very easily. All you need is Hylia Rice and 1-4 Stamera Shrooms. The more mushrooms the player uses, the greater the stamina recovery. When he uses 4 Stamer Shrooms, the player can restore full stamina to his wheel.

Players can find Hylian Rice at most shops throughout Hyrule. You can also find them while mowing grass. Stamella Shroom is most commonly found in dense forest areas and grows around the base of trees.

6 buttered stun bulb

Tears of the Kingdom Butter Stanbul

The buttered stambaru recipe is relatively simple, and the name tells you the ingredients. The player needs goat butter and he needs 1-4 stunbulbs. The more stun valves a player uses, the greater the amount of stamina restored. Using 4 fully restores stamina to his wheel.

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Stunbulbs are most commonly found on Sky Isles and are very easy to collect. Goat Butter is available from various vendors throughout Hyrule.

Five energizing elixir

Tears of the Kingdom Elixir of Vitality

Energizing Elixir is perfect for players who don’t care about their health and just want to focus on improving their stamina. If they want the elixir, Fully restore stamina wheelAll you need is 4 Restless Crickets and some monster parts. It’s recommended to choose more common monster parts, as they don’t affect elixirs much.

The most important thing in this recipe is restless crickets. These small creatures can be found in grassy areas, and players can farm Restless Crickets very easily by cutting down some of the grass. They’ll probably come across quite a few hiding under the greenery, and will soon get enough to make an Elixir of Vitality.

Four Carrot cake

Tears of the Kingdom Enduring Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is pretty controversial among cake lovers, but it’s definitely great tears of the kingdom. Players who want to bake this delicious recipe should be sure to have Hylian rice, tabantha wheat, goat butter, and he has 1-2 sticks of endura his carrots. The more endura carrots a player uses, the greater the stamina boost.

This dish not only completely fills the player’s stamina bar, but also gives some stamina. temporary extra stamina. This can be very helpful for early game players who don’t have enough stamina his bar to reach certain locations.

3 carrot stew

Tears of the Kingdom Carrot Stew

Carrot stew is one of the most complicated recipes. tears of the kingdom. It requires a fair amount of materials, but luckily most of them can be purchased from wandering merchants across Hyrule. To make this home-cooked meal, players will need fresh milk, goat butter, tabantha wheat, and 1-2 endura carrots.

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The Carrot Stew recipe provides players with: Full stamina recovery, and almost a whole additional temporary stamina wheel. This is especially useful for players trying to reach far away locations that require a little more stamina to reach.

2 deep-fried mountain vegetables

Tears of the Kingdom Deep-fried mountain vegetables

For players who can afford Endura carrots, this recipe is perfect. Enduring Fried Wild Greens can be crafted using up to 5 of his Endura Carrots, not only fully restoring stamina, but also gaining additional temporary stamina. Unfortunately, Endura carrots are extremely rare. tears of the kingdom.

Luckily, players can find Endura Carrots most commonly around various cherry trees in each region. Every cherry tree has at least one Endura Carrot growing next to it, so if the player wants to grow Endura his carrots, he can visit every cherry tree to find it.

1 Salt-grilled prime meat

Tears of the Kingdom Salt-grilled Prime Meat

For players looking for how to increase stamina tears of the kingdom, look no further. Salted Prime Meat will fully restore the player’s stamina wheel and increase their maximum stamina by one wheel or more. Plus, you get a pretty nice 15-heart restoration.

For players who want to cook Endura Prime Meat Grilled Salt, all they need is raw Prime Meat, Rock Salt, and 3 Endura Carrots. Raw Primemeat can be gathered by hunting large wild animals, rock salt can be found in mining or at some vendors, and endura carrots are most commonly found near cherry trees in each region. can find.

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears Available on Nintendo Switch.

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