Sweet-toothed General Abbott’s destiny changes dramatically in Season 3

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Sweet Tooth Season 2.The Fate of General Abbott Towards the End sweet tooth Season 2 takes a big turn season 3story.Before sweet tooth In season 2, Abbott was primarily a one-dimensional evil villain, disrespecting the life of a hybrid and manipulating Dr. Singh to work for him. Further digging into the relationship reveals that his motives are more altruistic than first impressions.

For example, unlike his comic version, Netflix’s General Abbott sweet tooth Season 2 doesn’t mindlessly kill or torture the hybrids for being merciless. Unfortunately, he never sees the forest for the trees, and realizes that his evil ways will never get him the answers he seeks. You will face a dark fate.

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General Abbott dies in Sweet Tooth season 2

Sweet-Toothed General Abbott the Florist

After Gus and his team flee to their home in Yellowstone National Park, Abbott embarks on a battle against them with the Last Men’s army. Fortunately for the hybrids, they learn of Abbott’s plan in time and prepare to make it public with his men. As follows, the hybrids eventually overpower the Last Men, and in a desperate attempt to win over them, Abbott shoots Gus in the leg. Unfortunately, before he can kill the young deer boy, Gus summons a herd of bison to trample and kill Abbott. This leaves General Abbott to meet the fate he has long deserved, and his death greatly alters its course. sweet tooth season three.

What Happens to General Abbott in the Sweet Tooth Comics (and How It Affects Season 3)

Sweet tooth general Abbott change makes him better than comic

in the original sweet tooth In the comic books, General Abbott suffers a similar fate, but towards the end. By killing General Abbott in front of his comic book counterpart Netflix sweet tooth It’s further removed from the source material’s storyline, which heavily impacts Season 3.

as suggested in sweet tooth At the end of season 2, after General Abbott’s death, Helen Chan takes over as the new antagonist for season 3. increases the stakes for Gus and the team, making it even harder for them to survive Season 3’s adventures in Alaska. sweet toothOtherwise, season 3’s lighthearted themes and family drama aren’t over the top until the show is as harrowing as the comics.

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