Survey Questions on Food and Alcohol Purchases by the Tennessee Police Chiefs Association

Investigators with the Tennessee State Comptroller investigated the operations of the Tennessee Association of Police Chiefs (TACP), a non-profit organization that receives more than half of its funding from government sources.

The survey focused on TACP activity from January 2017 to December 2021. During this period, TACP’s day-to-day operations were managed by the former Executive Director, who resigned on March 18, 2022.

Auditors’ investigators noted suspicious credit card transactions totaling $63,923.74. Many of these transactions lacked documentation or proper approvals and appeared to have had no TACP-related purpose or were made in violation of TACP’s purchasing policies. Suspicious credit card purchases include:

  • Meals and alcohol for TACP’s bimonthly and annual meetings total $23,763.74. Investigators question whether government funds were used to purchase these items. Vendor sponsorship payments for food and alcohol purchases were less than the total amount spent on those items.
  • Meal total $15,217.66. Investigators identified 243 cases where TACP credit cards were used to purchase meals for individuals or groups, ranging from fast food chains to fine dining restaurants.
  • Purchase of gifts and gift cards totaling $14,411.24.
  • Gasoline for personal vehicles totaled $796.57.
  • Other miscellaneous purchases totaling $9,734.53, not supported for itemized receipts or invoices.

Investigators also found a potential conflict of interest with the former executive director also acting as a registered lobbyist for another nonprofit that provides insurance to Tennessee municipalities.

The former executive director continued to work as a lobbyist for external organizations after being instructed by the TACP executive committee to quit his job in violation of his employment contract. Investigators determined that she was also using her TACP computer device and its email account when conducting outside lobbying activities during her normal TACP business hours.

Findings were reported to the 20 District Attorney General’s Jurisdiction.

“TACP’s executive committee is responsible for ensuring proper oversight of the organization and its staff,” Manpower Comptroller said. “The board should ensure that the organization is following its policies regarding check signing and credit cards, as well as review its official policy regarding funding hospitality suites.”

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