Surgeon General warns against being lonely enough to cry while washing hair at salon

Image from article titled Surgeon General warns that getting your hair washed at a salon can be lonely enough to make you cry

WASHINGTON–Following the loneliness epidemic in the United States, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on Monday urged Americans not to be so lonely that they cried a little while someone washes their hair at the salon. I warned you. “Where possible, I strongly recommend that individuals avoid escalating their loneliness to the point of crying by simply rubbing their scalp gently with another human’s finger,” Murthy said. Americans “need to actively deal with feelings of isolation and discouragement before the very concept of human touch is lost and the body fails to recognize the sensation.” “Society enough for everyone to realize in real time that they haven’t felt someone else’s hand on their skin long before the pandemic, and at least avoid bursting into tears immediately at the routine part of a haircut.” It’s important to maintain a physical connection: the longer the isolation period, the more the gentle touch of the beautician to the scalp in a way I’ve experienced a thousand times before can suddenly become a viscerally overwhelming sensation. It’s more likely to be an experience: Few things in the world evoke such a level of emotional response, let alone a $27 haircut from Great Clips.” Warned not to lull yourself into a fetal position after the barista rubs your hand against your hand as you take the cash.

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