Student council collective looks to support families of Elliewood Avenue shooting victims – The Cavalier Daily

The Student Council General Assembly did not discuss the law at its Tuesday meeting but addressed a string of recent deaths at the university. began by acknowledging that photograph The weekend a college contractor died.

The university’s emergency call system issued a gunfire alert at 2:02 am on March 18, adding that there were individuals injured in the shootout afterward. photograph The victim was 26-year-old Cody Bryan Smith of Charlottesville and a college contractor. medical center.

Charlottesville Police Department arrested Lacoli Brooks, a 21-year-old Charlottesville resident, was arrested as a shooting suspect on March 20 and charged with second-degree murder and felony use of a firearm.

“I know we’re all probably grappling with it in different ways, especially gun violence right now hitting this campus and this student body’s home,” Kane said. rice field.

The death of a member of this university community rise Charlottesville shooting and safety concerns. Another shooting on November 13 killed three of his college students: sophomore Devin Chandler, senior year Deshawn Perry, and junior year Lavelle Davis Jr.

Charlottesville City Police Chief Michael Kochis held a community forum Feb. 27, on gun violence.At the forum, Kochi had various discussions tactics This includes placing police officers around crime hotspots, working with the FBI to track guns in Charlottesville, and increasing community involvement to build trust between the city and police. there is.

Cain brought supplies such as construction paper and markers to create condolence cards for the families of the victims on Elliewood Avenue at the meeting.She plans to leave more supplies in the student council office for someone else to make cards in the next few days. go fund me for the victim’s family.

According to Cain, the victim’s father also works as a caretaker at the university’s Department of Education and Human Development.

“There is nothing we can do to fix or resolve this, but we can stand here in solidarity and acknowledge that it is in our hearts and minds,” Kane said. said.

Andreas Masiakos, the university’s third-year representative, said many students were concerned that the perpetrator’s motives were unknown, such as whether the perpetrator and victim knew each other, or whether it was a random attack.

“Many students expressed frustration at the lack of information, which could better inform student behavior, especially with regard to rising violence.”

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