Stephen Star food is coming to Amtrak?!


Plus, you might be surprised at what Philadelphia’s most-visited attractions are.

Created by Adrian, this baked manicotti is one of the Stephen Starr dishes on Amtrak Acela's new First Class menu.

Adrian’s Baked Manicotti is just one of many Stephen Starr dishes on Amtrak Acela’s new First Class menu. (Photo courtesy of Amtrak)

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Stephen Star food is coming to Amtrak?!

Remember when Stephen Starr ran a few restaurants in Philadelphia? When we had him all to ourselves? Now Stephen Starr is everywhere. He has performed nearly 20 surgeries in Philadelphia. Nine in New York. In Washington, DC, he has four, and in Florida, he has five, and he just launched the Miami version of the acclaimed Pastis in New York. And now you can get Steven Star food on Amtrak too.

The railroad company has just unveiled its newest menu, and Amtrak Acela’s First Class menu will feature dishes from Philadelphia’s Stephen Star restaurant in rotation.

There is black pepper beef from Buddakan. Continental Midtown offers vegetarian chilled sesame noodles. Another vegetarian, Lasagna al Forno from Pizzeria Stella. (I forgot about that place!) And finally the grilled manicotti from Adrian. What is Adrian? This is Stephen Starr’s restaurant, part of the recent $350 million renovation of the Wells Fargo Center.

If you’re on a “regular” Amtrak ride, I’m sorry, but the turkey and Havarti sandwiches you ate at the counter in the cramped café car stuck in your head.

If you want to try Amtrak’s Stephen Starr menu for dinner today, you can catch the 7:03pm flight for just $320. Yes, meals are included.

About year-round school plan

Sherrell Parker wants to make Philadelphia children compulsory to attend school all year. The school district superintendent will announce a year-round pilot program this Thursday. And it turns out that this isn’t the first time Philadelphia has had the idea of ​​year-round schooling. We actually tried it before. It didn’t last long.

I made yet another list

It doesn’t seem like a day goes by that someone somewhere doesn’t declare Philadelphia the most or least of this on the list. We ignore most of these lists. Because they either look stupid or lack a reliable methodology.but we can follow USA Today We are called the “most walkable” city in the country.

I got another mural

If you’re a fan of John Legend, why not visit Fire on Girard Avenue? The music venue has just released a mural of the singer on the outside wall. Why John Legend? why fire? No, he’s not from here. However, he went on to Penn College and graduated with honors. And The Fire is reportedly where he performed some of his early shows.

see in numbers

$285 million: The amount SEPTA paid to the technology companies behind SEPTA Key for their failed ideas. The agency is currently accepting proposals for a new fare system until mid-July.

13: A shot was fired Sunday night on Interstate 95 near Penn’s Landing in an apparent street assault.

5 million: Tourists visiting Reading Terminal Market in 2022. It will be the most visited tourist attraction in the area. Second place? Independence Park. The third? Well, it’s a tie: Peddlers Village and Rivers Casino.

And, uhm, so from the sports desk…

Ranger Suarez, recovering from an elbow injury, made his first home start of the year against the Phillies on Friday. The Cubs starting pitcher was Marcus Stroman. The Phils scored one in the inning thanks to a single by Bryson Stott, a double by Bryce Harper, and a sack fly by Nick Castellanos. Sadly, the Cubs scored four in the second inning, and Suarez had two singles, one walk, one single, and one double. another Walks, no outs yet… You don’t want to hear more, do you?

Jeff Hoffman replaced Suarez for the third run and Erich Urmen replaced Suarez for the fifth run. At least in the eyes of the scorekeeper, Schwarber’s mistake put him on first and second base, and from there he scored a double steal and a long fly to make it 5-1. A chopper came off Trea Turner’s glove, making the match 6-1, and the atmosphere in the crowd was grim. and Nico Herner’s home run (try saying it fast three times): 8-1. you know what? The NBA playoff games have started. guess what i did

Final: 10-1.

Of course, who would have liked to see them face the Cubs again on Saturday? I worked in the garden all day. And, of course, they caught fire first, with Schwarber hitting a grand slam in the first inning with six points, including a Clemens two-run home run, and Aaron Nora pitching the seventh full inning for a 10K. Recorded. And there are only two relief pitchers, Brogon and Marte. Final: 12-3 Filth.

Come on guys, be a little consistent!

Sunday’s match was Taijuan Walker vs. Justin Steele, the opponents from the previous disastrous match. Walker downed them 1-2-3 in his first game. Of course, so did Steele… So that’s it for the top of the sixth inning, with some weird walks or singles. Castellanos got the chance after hitting a double in the sixth, but he was caught trying to reach third base. Seranthony and Strahm both took to the mound.

And in the 7th, Stott, who had been a 1-for-6 pinch hitter until then, threw a 1-out just before Sosa was on base, making it 2-0 for the Phillies! After Brogdon’s brief stint in which he hit Dansby Swanson with a pitch, Soto came in to close out the eighth inning. In the ninth inning, Kimbrel allowed a solo home run to Chris Morrell, but the game was tied, making it 2-1 Phillies. yay! Next up is the Diamondbacks at home tonight at 6:40.

And on Doop News…

Union faced the New England Revolution in Chester on Saturday night and saw several early appearances in front of their home crowd, from a superb carry-on from Jose Martinez to a cross and Julián Carranza’s header just wide of the target. grabbed the chance. Many free-kicks were awarded, but only one card was awarded to the 44th-minute Revolution as the referee wanted to “stop the fire”, as announcer Laurie Lindsay said.

do you like dogs I love dogs. By the way, that day was pet adoption day at the park.

The second half was much the same. Carranza scored another excellent try in the 54th minute, just over the bar. But in the next minute, Daniel Gusdag’s shot grazed the goalkeeper’s hand and went upright to make it 1-0 for his filly.

Then, in the 71st minute, Philadelphia were awarded a penalty for a foul on Michael Ule. Surprisingly, the illegal player, Andrew Farrell, protested too much. So did coach Bruce Arena, who was given a yellow. Gusdag took the penalty and decided 2-0. good.

Then, in the 87th minute, Chris Donovan and Carranza broke through and a final pass to Carranza scored the third goal: 3-0! gorgeous play. New England were immediately awarded a yellow for a foul on Carranza outside the penalty area and were awarded a free kick, but were unable to do anything. “Go back to their winning formula!” Lori said, and she was right. good presentation.

All Philly Today Sports Desk coverage is provided by Sandy Hingston.

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