Status of health insurance and financing for people living with and at risk of HIV


The health insurance and funding landscape for people living with and at risk of HIV in the United States is highly fragmented and made up of a patchwork of payers and programs. Each has its own eligibility requirements, services and benefits, cost obligations and funding structure. Additionally, program eligibility and benefits vary by state and sometimes even locally, resulting in uneven access across the country and leaving some people out of the system altogether. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), passed in 2010, expands access to insurance and services for millions of people, including those living with and at risk of HIV, resulting in number of people has decreased significantly. Most people living with HIV are insured, especially through Medicaid and private insurance, many of whom receive support from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, the national safety net program for people living with HIV. This table outlines the major payers and programs that provide coverage and services to people living with and at risk of HIV. It builds on and updates previous research published in The Lancet.

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